B/W Spirits

by kamakazi339 on 24 July 2016

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How to Play

This deck is set around buffs and removal. The creatures aren't particularly flashy but the combination of removal and buffs make them particularly effective. Suture Spirit keeps your guys on the field especially when you keep it on the field.

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  • Budget
  • Orzhov

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Deck discussion for B/W Spirits

Hi there. I saw the deck name and tag and got excited. I do love budget decks.

At first I noticed that murder just has better options in B/W. Mortify, Anguished Unmaking and my flavor favorite Rend Flesh. Even situational 2 mana removals like Victim of Night. Then I looked at your creatures and started replacing them.

After all I pretty much build my own version, keeping pretty much nothing but the spirit theme and the average $ price .


Tallowisp is an awsome card advantage generator. Sadly it does not work with Aura-Creatures like Baleful Eidolon :(
I included a cheap but powerful Aura toolbox and some creatures that profit from spirits / arcana being played.

What do you think of it?

While building the deck I stumbled over Drogskol Captain.
He seems soooo good. Together with Celestial Crusader and token Spirits like Spectral Procession or Spirit Bonds...

Posted 24 July 2016 at 21:56


I see that you are running a lot of legendaries and most of your cars are 2 ofs or 1 ofs. How is the consistency in that deck? I attempted to keep mine running consistently on the board control though killing off opponents creatures. I like the look of Drogskol Captain and will look into it for my U/W spirits deck for sure! I have both! This one is meant to be more board control while the other is more protection and tempo.

Overall your deck seems interesting I might just have to give it a build and see how it plays! Good to have some feedback on here! I know I have some rend flesh laying around and I think ill sqap them in due to the BB being a little restrictive. Anguished unmaking isn't something im not gonna go for right now (im poor) but mortify would be good as well!

Posted 25 July 2016 at 22:31


I dont like to play more then 1 or max 2 legendary if the deck doesnt absolutely need it.
On the other hand I wanted your Spirit tribal to have some synergy and not just to have the same creature type.

Looking through the cards I noticed that sadly most cards that interact with sprits are legendary.
As more then 2 legendary make it inconsistent I included 2 "Infernal Kirin" (as I thought there are very strong) and 1 "He Who Hungers". There are more hand control spirits and arcane spells but basing a deck around 3 untutor-able creatures seemed weak
Hired Muscle and its counterpart Faithful Squire are semi-legendary okayish effects but probably often only cheap beatsticks. If you don't like them, other real spirits will do there job.

Tallowisp seemed like the only real spirit with high potential to win the game on its own without being legendary.
With him and many spirits I wanted to include some Auras with versatile effects as you can tutor for what ever you might need.

Thief of Hope is good to. More then 3 seemed clunky though?!
Celestial Crusader is a weird lord. Also thought of not playing him as the deck turned out not to take the token rout.

Lastly the deck needed some good early creatures. I split those 4 one drops in 2 black and 2 white ones. Both have there use. If you like one more then the other, feel free to only play one of them.

Over all I think it turned out to be a kinda good but definitely fun and flavor budget deck

Posted 26 July 2016 at 22:31