This ain't mtg, it's dredge...

by kingholldder on 04 June 2015

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Deck Description


Can function withouth casting spells after a few turns.
Not a lot of good graveyard decks in modern so graveyard hate is less often added i sideboards.
Does not suffer from mulligans as other decks.
Can lock down land decks with loam and ghost quarter.
Does ok vs other aggro decks.
Is able to win games with just three lands in play.

It's still a graveyard deck, even tho it can work withouth.
Dredge needs to end games fast because you Mill yourself a lot.
Dredge is a semi combo deck, if you miss one of the two parts, grave filler or attackers, you lose most of the times.

NOTE: Golgari grave troll is legal in modern, site has not updated it yet.

How to Play

Aggro deck using the graveyard to cheat cards into play.

Vengevine, Bloodghast and gravecrawler ars your main creature that smash your opponent in the face.

Life from the loam is a graveyard filler and is good vs land hate.

Decay and cut to kill problematic creatures. (Goyf...)

Tymaret adds a little reach to the deck.

Looting and lotleth troll are mainly in the deck for discarding the heavy hitters. Lotleth troll can end games by himself too if not dealt with.

Grisly salvage and wayfinder are for filling the graveyard and to get lands.

Golgari grave- troll is the star in the deck, dredges for 6 and can come down as a 8/8.

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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Deck discussion for This ain't mtg, it's dredge...

I love how the gravetroll is actually banned in modern

Posted 01 July 2015 at 02:12


He is not, he got unbanned when birthing pod was banned. You can see it on gatherer.magic and search for grave troll.

Posted 01 July 2015 at 07:46


I do like the deck idea a lot. Lotleth Troll + Gravecrawler/Bloodghast/Vengevine has always been my favorite.

I have a few questions though.
Do you really need 4 Golgari Grave-Troll in the deck if you only need 1 in the graveyard?
Is it worth to use the Golgari dredge instead of drawing if you can't summon him? E.g. just for discarding him?
I have seen Tasigur in many Delve decks now, but i dont get why he is supposed to be good. Is his 4cmc effect useful if your opponents gets to choose the card? Wouldnt Gurmag Angler be more usefull - especially as a Zombie?
You wrote "Tymaret adds a little reach to the deck."What do you mean by that? His shock effect seems neat but his other effect unique and yet impracticable!?

You seem to have put a lot of though into this deck and I guess it all makes scene. Would be nice if you explained your tech choices a bit more :)

Posted 06 July 2015 at 22:18