R/B Pirates

by Lehnah on 28 August 2018

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Deck Description

Built for casual play. Intended to be a fast burn-type deck.

Open to any comments or suggestions.

How to Play

The idea is to get as many creatures/ spells out as you can as fast as possible and basically steamroll your opponent.

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Deck discussion for R/B Pirates

So far I have only plated this deck against green-mono ramp. In the two games we played I lost 2/1, 2/1. Each loss was fairly close, but there are some issues with the deck that need sorting out.

For the most part the pirates worked well together, helping each other along. However, Kari Zev was pretty useless, even with her menace and first-strike. By the time I played here (usually turn 3 or 4) my opponent's creatures were at least 3/3 so none of her abilities did anything. Even with Ragavan out, they'd just double-block Kari to kill her and take Ragavan's damage for that one turn. Abrade was also pretty useless, as there just wasn't anything in the opponent's deck it could really affect.

The pump and burn spells helped a good deal, keeping creatures alive a bit longer so they could cause more damage. The burn to the face was very helpful in getting the opponent's life down as they didn't have anything to counter it, same with creature removal. I think that the first step is to remove Kari, Abrade and Chandra (whom I did not draw once) and add at least another Murder and Run Amok. From there, I'll have to look in to other possibilities.

As always, please feel free to post any comments!

Posted 28 August 2018 at 13:18