Stuffy Doll Combo

by lilvietkoi on 04 November 2011

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Deck Description

Mogg Maniac/Spitemare + Darksteel Plate = Pseudo Stuffy Doll
Nin, The Pain Artist = Damage + Draw Function
Swans of Bryn Argoll = Draw Function

Burn + Removal:
Lightning Bolt, Lightning Axe, Skred, Flame Slash = Big Burn for Cheap
Chain Reaction = Red's Wrath of God

Auto Wins:
Stuffy Doll + Volcano Hellion
Stuffy Doll + Guilty Conscience
Stuffy Doll + Lightning Axe + Furnace of Rath

Pariah Shield for Fun when games last too long in Multiplayer.

Tell me what you think?

Please take a look at my sideboard.
Angel's Grace is for a guaranteed Volcano Hellion combo.
The other 3 are just for fun.

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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  • Legal in Vintage
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Deck discussion for Stuffy Doll Combo

Like! I enjoy games that play unconventionaly. This deck seems fun.

Posted 04 November 2011 at 02:58


4 up on stuffy

Posted 04 November 2011 at 03:07


4 of is too expensive for casting cost...

Posted 04 November 2011 at 03:19


It's not about casting cost, it's about consistency of drawing it. Whenever you have a deck that really requires one piece, that one card shifts probability heavily. Think about it 3/60 = 5% while 4/60 = 6.6%.
Almost two percent more effective of a deck? Yes please!

Posted 04 November 2011 at 17:53