Gruul Aggro Pioneer

by LordDeathseed on 09 June 2021

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Deck discussion for Gruul Aggro Pioneer

Hi there :)
I would like to suggest lowering your cmc curve by a smitch. You peak at 3 cmc, and while that is not much for the pioneer format, I believe it is a bit much for this deck being an aggro deck. Especially with burning tree emissary you want to have a couple one and two drops to really flood the board asap.
Creatures to consider may be pelt collector, or robber of the rich (gives pseudo-card-draw and more options. Options are always good to have :)
Personally I would cut the reckless bushwhacker entirelly (and probably put 4 pelt collector in there).
While the rabblemaster enables your embercleave, that is not a board state to rely on. Rabblemaster is powerful enough to win the game on his own, if the opponent ignores him. -> So he will probably get removed before any other creature, is what I believe.
But if the opponent has some creatures on the board, rabblemaster looses much of his power, since you can't build up those tokens (because they have to attack and get blocked to death in the process).
So maybe cut 2 rabblemaster and put two robber of the rich in. Better mana curve, they have haste, and give you extra cards to play when your hand is empty.

PS: I really like questing beast in a gruul aggro deck. But glorybringer has its own advantages! I believe there is no need to swap them out for each other, maybe play a split of both of them if you really want to. Glorybringer on his own is already a really good choice :)

Posted Thursday at 08:42