Deathtouch Abuse

by LordOlga on 06 January 2019

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Deck Description

-=The Purpose=-

Nobody likes [Deathtouch]( So here's a Deathtouch deck. Since the moment my n00b eyes saw the word "Deathtouch" on a card I wanted to make a deck around it. Never really knew how to approach that other than just loading the deck up with Deathtouch creatures. But I've finally decided to give it a go.

The main strategy is winning over the battlefield with a First Strike/Deathtouch combo, but I've found a few other ways to abuse Deathtouch as well.

-=Card Breakdown=-

-Deadly Recluse-
The reason this particular deathtouch creature is here is because of the Reach ability.

-Dire Fleet Poisoner-
The draw to this card is it's Flash keyword. Deathtouch is something you don't want to be surprised by. They are capable of buffing each other a little bit if you need it.

-Glissa, the Traitor-
She's low cost, she already has both Deathtouch and First Strike so there’s no need for additional equipment, she has artifact resurrection just in case you end up losing your Sharpened Pitchfork or something, she's just an all around great addition to this deck.

-Narnam Renegade-
One drop Deathtouch creature. Great way to make people uncomfortable with making any moves early game. Combos with Evolving Wilds, potentially giving you a 2/3 Deathtouch creature as early as turn 2.

-Pharika, God of Affliction-
Serves as a sort of damage control. Since there isn't any way to get your creatures back once they die, with this card you can still get some value out of your graveyard. Essentially replacing anything that you've lost with something still mildly functional. Indestructibility never hurt anyone. Literally. Also a good target for Lure, though she doesn’t have Deathtouch so you won’t get that board-wipe effect like you would with Vengeful Pharaoh.

-Vengeful Pharaoh-
Discourages people from sending their heavy hitters after you if your opponents manage to punch a hole in your board. Self resurrects. Pretty decent Power and Toughness compared to the rest of the deck. Good target for Lure.

-Vraska the Unseen-
"What if Deathtouch worked on players?" Well, now it does.

One of the main contributors to this decks combos. Apply this to a Deathtouch creature with First Strike and you can take out multiple creatures. Apply it to some chump so one of Vraska the Unseen's Assassin Tokens can slip through, and it's deadly.

-Tragic Slip-
Used to murder things. Odds are, you'll be able to get something killed before you pop this thing off

-Sharpened Pitchfork-
One of the main points of the deck, combining Deathtouch and First Strike.

-Viridian Claw-
One of the main points of the deck, combining Deathtouch and First Strike.

-Viridian Longbow-
Combos well with Deathtouch since the artifact's card text specifies that the creature itself is dealing the damage, this 1 damage ping becomes completely lethal.

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Deck discussion for Deathtouch Abuse

I would say Thornbite Staff would be a great addition to the deck, while it does cost mana unlike longbow, it can be used multiple times in a single turn, especially useful as a blocking mechanism, and in response removing multiple threats from the field. Sorcerer's wand is also an addition, being an almost exact duplicate of longbow, if not slightly better.

Posted 27 March 2019 at 10:27