Life Drain

by LordOlga on 06 January 2019

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Deck Description

-=The Purpose=-

This deck is centered around the infinite combo created by Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bonds. Once both of these cards are out, as soon as you gain or an opponent loses any life at all, someone dies.

The current downfall of this deck is that both of these enchantments involved in the main combo are quite expensive. There are cards placed in the deck the try to speed things up and keep up a defense should the opponent try to make any moves. I would very much appreciate any suggestions on how to make this process happen any more quickly or how to stall opponents more effectively. Of course, I would love suggestions for any other issues you may see as well.

-=Card Breakdown=-

-Baleful Eidolon-
A 1/1 Deathtoucher that'll keep you opponents from sending anything huge at you. Makes for a pretty good chump.

A tutor to help make sure you get what you need and not have to rely on drawing. It's a creature removal card, but don't worry about that. The way we're using here is just for the transmute to get the win con enchantments. Cheapest tutor I could find, but not the best. Replace as you see fit.

-Crypt Ghast-
This thing is your savior. This is about the best ramp you can get for black mana. Once this comes out, you can play your infinite combo MUCH more quickly. It would just so happen that Crypt Ghast also has Extort, meaning he can trigger the combo once it's out as well. Since it hits everyone, that extortion will wipe out everyone at the table.

-Exquisite Blood-
Part 1 of 2 for that combo. Combine this with Sanguine Bond. This is just actually helpful. You may not want to attack a lot, but since a lot of your controlly enchantments include life-loss, this will naturally trigger and help you even if you don't have your combo out.

-Fountain of Renewal-
Main reason it's here is that it triggers automatically during upkeep, meaning that you could kill off a player in your upkeep phase if your infinite combo is out and functioning. Does provide some minor lifegain. Who knows, could be what saves you. Some draw is there if you need it.

-Grim Guardian-
A pretty interesting addition, if I do say so myself. His ability triggers whenever an enchantment enters the battlefield, say the final piece of your combo. The text says that each opponent loses life when this happens. Since each opponent losing life is a separate event, that means you should be able to trigger the infinite combo once per player. So, this bucko can wipe out every player at the table. If it's just a 1v1, he's still useful for instantly triggering the combo upon completion. Also, there are just a lot of enchantments in this deck so he has a lot of opportunities to trigger. Since he has the biggest butt and also is the least important, he is probably going to serve as your chump if you need one.

-Noxious Revival-
Just in case those enchantment removals and/or counters cause trouble. Don't worry about the green mana at all, just pay the life for it.

-Sanguine Bond-
Part 2 of 2 for that infinite combo. Combine with Exquisite Blood. This card is also pretty good outside the infinite combo, so if you find yourself struggling to complete it, this is still worth playing. There is some lifegain possible in this deck so it result in decent chip damage.

-Semblance Anvil-
Speeds the game up a bit by giving you mana discounts. If you give it a Grim Guardian or Baleful Eidolon you can get discounts on 2 different card types, which is nice.

-Sinister Possession-
Basically another stall tactic. If you pile these on the board, your opponent will have to really start considering his attacks pretty carefully.Since it 1 CMC, you should find it pretty easy to keep up with your opponents summons.

-Vampiric Link-
This one is kind of funny to play. Place it on an opponents creature and you essentially undo all of it's damage. 1 CMC makes this fast, and like Sinister Possession, you should be able to keep up with summons. With both of those combined, you should be able to maintain some control on the board.

-Victim of Night-
Some cheap removal. The conditions shouldn't be too much of an issue.

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Deck discussion for Life Drain

Chalice of Life? Maybe a few of the lands that enter tapped but have you gain a life? Even if these suggestions aren't to your liking, please consider unmake, it's won me plenty of games when situations looked bleak

Posted 06 January 2019 at 11:54


Hey thanks for helping out!

Chalice of Life - I love this card, but I’m not sure I could manage to get the kind of lifegain I’d need to transform it, which basically makes it like my Fountain of Renewal except with a tap activation. So prooobably not.

Scoured Barrens (I’m guessing) - Unfortunately this one I just can’t do. I need cards that have a “Swamp” subtype for my Crypt Ghast to work at its highest potential and I’m already using the only dual land legal in Modern with that subtype. Sucks, but what can you do.

Unmake - That is brutal and I will definitely consider it. xD

Posted 08 January 2019 at 06:17