Esper Zombies

by lostandeli on 04 April 2013

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Deck Description

This deck is currently (April 2013) running for "Rogue Deck of the Month" for

The basis of the deck is the standard zombie shell with the Gravecrawlers, Diregraf Ghouls and Geralf's Messengers. The addition of blue has given us access to Diregraf Captains (which not only stand in for Blood Artist but make our zombies bigger), but the main addition is the Duskmantle Seers. The Seers not only are a real threat with evasion but they also give us cards (and them) but at a price of life. This really punishes decks that are running those big 'Fatties', it even counteracts the life gain that Thragtusk gives them if they draw it with the Seer.

The deck is alot slower not playing red which is where the white comes in to play. Blind Obedience is awesome in this deck. It really punishes the aggro decks and even the decks running Restoration Angels and hoping for that 'suprise' blocker. Extort is a real threat in this deck with the ability to recast Gravecrawler from the graveyard. If you have a Bloodthrone Vampire, Diregraf Captain and Gravecrawler, all of a sudden life will be dropping off them and you have a very large Vampire to be swinging with.

Non-creature spells consist of the basics, black removal with victim of the night and tragic slip. Blue has some more card draw in the form of think twice (one of the best cards in standard imo). Then we make full use of the colours we have available with the charms. I love them all for the versatility, Each one has a form of removal, Orzhov is the more reliable removal, Azorius allows us to stick that Angel of Serenity or Cratterhoof to the top of their library only to draw it and loose life equal to the cmc (so funny to get the win this way) and Dimir Charm allows us to rig their draw to either do the same or just starve them of mana. The other abilities on the charms all have uses in this deck as well, the weakest being Orzhov's returning creature with cmc 1 back to play, but i have used it.

To finish the deck off there is a copy of Sorin in there. Just the one as i dont want to be hitting too many 4 drops with the Seers, and I find there is enough card draw that he turns up at some point :)

The land Base is pretty straight forward mostly black to allow us to be casting Victim of Night and Messenger when we need to, not to mention that almost all our spells require Black. The land count seems high in a deck with such a low cmc but when then Seer comes online its no problem, and u never regret the land with the extort mechanic. The Cavern of Souls help fix any issues if the do arise with creature casting costs and also stop our creatures being countered.

The side board is pretty much basic stuff, we can drop what ever we feel is dead weight and turn into a more control setup. Spell Rupture is such a good counter in this deck and it is often bigger than Manaleak and it hits all spell types. Duress and Liliana of the Veil are amazing against control match ups. Pithing Needle and Witchbane Orb are our counter measures to Nephalia Drownyards and Planeswalkers. Against 'rites' decks we have Tormod's Crypt and Beckon Apparition. They are not ideal but they are better than nothing, cheap cmc and they dont effect our Gravecrawlers interactions with the graveyard.

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