[EDH] Vela the Devoid-clad

by markxero on 07 April 2018

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Deck Description

Vela and Eldrazi EDH deck playing on her granting of intimidate to the colourless monsters.

How to Play

This is just a starting point, mostly using cards I already had that weren't in other decks, but will no doubt get updated and developed as I play it or acquire better alternatives. All Nu-drazi because I wasn't playing when ROE came out and I'm not paying loads for the older titans etc.

That said: generally, the deck works by using Vela's intimidate granting to the colourless Eldrazi and seeing how it goes from there. There's nothing too subtle about the monsters - just hit face repeatedly. It's worth knowing about the Rite of Replication combo with Vela's LTB damage effect though: play it on her kicked and sac the 5 duplicates because of the legend rule, immediately dealing 30 damage to each opponent. There's nice interplay between the effect and the Scions too.

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Deck discussion for [EDH] Vela the Devoid-clad

Just found an ace combo - not sure if anyone's discovered this one yet:

Pitiless Plunderer + Deadeye Navigator + Drowner of Hope = infinite mana and infinite LTBx2 effects from Vela.

When Drowner or Navigator enter, pair them with Soulbond. Sac one of Drowner's Scions for one colourless, also triggering Plunderer to give a Treasure token. Sac that for U. Use the mana to pay Drowner's flicker cost from Navigator and return in to the battlefield soulbonded again, netting one Scion gain each cycle. And so on... :D

It's infinite Scions without Vela. *With* Vela it's infinite damage to each opponent too.

Posted 07 April 2018 at 16:05