Flash Hulk

by Mashitta on 26 May 2011

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Speedy Flash Hulk

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  • Not Legal in Standard
  • Not Legal in Modern
  • Not Legal in Vintage
  • Not Legal in Legacy

Deck discussion for Flash Hulk

Mursh has deleted this comment.

Posted 26 May 2011 at 22:00


Saw that you posted a deck so I figured I would comment on it. Can't believe you posted this trash on here! lol j/k I hate this deck just because it is probably the most broken deck in the game. :-P

Despite that I will still try to give you a few things to consider.
Obviously if you have them Force of will should go in here. I do like the addition of Gitaxian Probe however.

I know you are probably going for a turn zero win the best you can but my friend made a variation of this deck that has some extra tricks and defense.

After he flashes hulk he gets Viscera Seer with his disciples so he can sac 0 cost creatures or he can play them for defense if he needs too. He also added in Woodfall Primus and Twilight Shepherd as alternate cards he could flash for. It actually worked out really well but did slow the deck down just a little bit.

Here was a little older version of his deck if you want to take a look, I think he tweaked it a little bit since this build though.
4x Lotus Petal
3x Phyrexian Walker
4x Memnite
3x Ornithopter
4x Simian Spirit Guide
4x Protean Hulk
3x Disciple of the Vault
1x Woodfall Primus
1x Viscera Seer
2x Twilight Shepherd
6x Island
1x Swamp
4x Darkslick Shores
2x Drowned Catacomb
1x Rootwater Depths
4x Gemstone Caverns
2x Brainstorm
4x Flash
3x Impulse
1x Mystical Tutor
4x Demonic Tutor
3x Merchant Scroll

Also if you are interested here is a link to my best broken deck that can do a 1st turn win and is actually pretty capable at shutting down a flash/hulk deck because of the Leyline of the void, Gemstone Caverns and Pyroblast.

Into the Void (Mill)
Deck link: http://www.mtgvault.com/ViewDeck.aspx?DeckID=150728

Posted 26 May 2011 at 23:13


I just found out that you left a comment on this deck. I just created it here but I dont have this deck in real life. Because im pretty much aware that its banned in legacy. I just tried how fast it was. My current deck is this:
But it is pretty much having a hard time against control blue decks.

hope you could share thoughts about it. I'm also planning to make a U/B mill deck but i'm still having thoughts if it is really worth giving a try. I jut want to run decks that could actually win fast and is fairly consistent. Like the burn deck.

Posted 07 June 2011 at 14:38