Book Burning • Modern

by Mekkakat on 21 September 2022

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Deck discussion for Book Burning • Modern

Niiiice concept you got there. I play a lot of rakdos decks, and am experimenting especially with rakdos artifact decks (anvil sac, and currently asmo hollow one). The concept of asmo-academy manufactor-aether grid is already established. Your idea to use the mill mechanic is interesting! My friends would instantly argue, that there is no point in building a worse version of an already existing deck... I am talking about the established asmo-ather grid decks, as well as the established mill decks. BUT that is beside the point, in my opinion. This brew is interesting, and might be fun to play! :) Did you have the chance to playtest it?
I wonder if you should streamline you gameplan more. Away from the aether grid, more into the mill aspect.
Up the count of altar of the brood and codex shredder, maybe put in the grinding station.
I would skip the aether grid, as well as the cat-oven combo. It just doesn't support the mill plan enough, I believe.
Lower the shadow spear count (I know, it's super powerful, but having more then one is a trap).
I also like to play with a low landcount, hence I would like to suggest removing the springleaf drum (your average cmc is basically one!!) and swap the drossforge bridge with blackcleave cliffs, to have a reliable mana turn one. I believe it is not worth having that artifact land, if it comes tapped into play. It might be difficult to reliable cast the manufator at turn 3 though. If that turns out to be true, add the springleaf drum again, or, if you want to play it safe, just leave one in there ;)
Furthermore I suggest removing treasure vault, or lower its count to one. Most of the time you won't have enough mana to create more then one or two treasure token. Maybe up the count of darksteel forge. Colourless mana doesn't hurt you that much, and you up the number of artifacts for your construct tokens, if you really want it. But that is not you main game plan, and it might be better for you to have a blood crypt, haunted ridge, or dragonskull summit there. I do not believe, that the artifact lands are worth having them :/
At least in my kitchentable meta it is necessary to have cheap removal available at turn one, for that nasty ragavan -.- galvanic blast is my spell of choice. Ragavan would be a perfect fit for this deck too, and take the slot of voldaren epicure, having a better synergie with the manufactor, and being stronger overall. I like, that you avoided him :) I don't like him either :D

My take on your deck-concept is below :)

Posted 22 September 2022 at 12:23


I love some of these changes—I too some of these edits and made my own tweaks here:

Posted 23 September 2022 at 14:34