U/B: Vanishing/Suspend

by Muktol on 02 December 2015

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Deck Description

A deck built for a friend who likes to play with counters. I just wanted to do something different from the "normal" +1+1 counters and ended up with time-counters from vanishing and suspend cards.
I'm still looking for some cards to finish this deck. "Redirect" is in because it's one of his favourite cards.

I recently printed this deck as proxy and tested it. I'm not quite happy with how it performed and will have to rework it a little bit.
I'm open to all suggestions and ideas that may help to improve this deck.

How to Play

The basic idea here is to play cards with 'vanishing' effects like "Deadly Grub" or "Chronozoa" and speed up the removal with "Fate Transfer" or "Jhoira's Timebug".

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  • Modern
  • Dimir
  • Vanish
  • Suspend
  • Untested

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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