U/R Pauper: Madness

by Muktol on 05 October 2016

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Deck Description

Basic Idea:
This deck started as B/R version but I decided to throw black overboard and add blue for a more steady draw/ discard.
Red still brings the most madness cards like Alchemist's Greeting and Fiery Temper for removal or Distemper of the Blood and to strengthen my creatures. Blue adds Just the Wind to this part which can slow your opponents play a little bit.
The bigger blue had on the draw discard side where Looter il-Kor replaced Academy Raider for a more safe attack (shadow vs intimidate), Thought Courier and Artificer's Epiphany.
I added Sokenzan Spellblade instead of Gathan Raiders as finisher as I had the feeling that I would have more handcards than the R/B version. Also I didn't want to make another Izzet deck that relies on Kiln Fiend/ Nivix Cyclops/ Wee Dragonauts.
The last concern I had was about the Spellblade as my finisher and his lack of evasion. I thus thought about Artful Dodge and decided to remove 1-2 Distemper of the Blood for it.

Like many players I first looked into magic with Eight Edition/ Mirrodin tough I didn't start to seriously play and collect until Innistrad. My cardpool is limited and ,though I did discover many new cards from blocks I didn't even know, my focus lies on modern legality. Thus modern-legal cards only where used to build this deck, though it doesn't mean I'm not open to other suggestions.

For our local playgroup we decided to use the pauper ban-list and each card that is available as common in a modern-legal pauper deck. For example the Mirrodin artefact lands are legal while Rancor and Cranial Plating aren't.

We had a short test of this deck yesterday and it ran very well. Thought Courier allows to gamble/ see if the next card would give you answers on your opponents threads. The only thing that was unsatisfying for the person who played it was Sokenzan Spellblade.

Replaced Sokenzan Spellblade with Pyre Hound and added Lightning Axe to the sideboard, should more removal be needed. I also added Thermo-Alchemist to the sideboard mainly because I want to give it a try.

How to Play

Best start with Looter il-Kor or Thought Courier which should enable you to play spells with madness when needed.
When you need to remove a creature Alchemist's Greeting and Just the Wind are you spells of choice, Fiery Temper can be used to shoot it at creatures but is best used to deal damage to your opponent.
The advantage of this deck should be your ability to play spells and get replacement for the card immediately thus gaining a big card advantage.

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Deck discussion for U/R Pauper: Madness

Faithless Looting?

Posted 29 November 2016 at 11:07


A good card, and at least a good alternative to "Cathartic Reunion". We haven't played the deck all to much so it will have to show if the mana is available to play all those spells discarded with "Cathartic Reunion" and/ or "Faithless Looting".
I'm also looking for a good finisher instead of "Sokenzan Spellblade", but I didn't want to make deck 1000 with "Kiln Fiend"/ "Nivix Cyclops"/ "Wee Dragonauts". Do you have any suggestions on this one?

Posted 30 November 2016 at 08:18


I think you should have enough mana to play all those spells. I would personally even consider more Cathartic or Faithless.
Another great card I forgot is Insolent Neonate. It allows you more opportunities to activate Madness at instant speed, which is quite powerful for things like Distemper of the Blood and Senseless Rage. And on top of that it draws you another card. And it has menace, which is more relevant with Senseless Rage in the mix.
I'm not sure of what you want for a finisher...

Posted 03 December 2016 at 08:29


I was thinking about "Merfolk Looter" (or "Mad Prophet") to more often activate Madness. But Menace could be an interesting option.
For now I will shuffle some card-numbers a little bit: -1 Artificer's Epiphany, -1 Cathartic Reunion, +2 Faithless Looting, -2 Looter il-Kor, +2 Insolent Neonate. I have also removed Sokenzan Spellbladeand added Pyre Hound instead.
When I had the chance to do some more testgames I will post how it went.

Posted 03 December 2016 at 14:50