W/R Pauper: Land Destruction

by Muktol on 14 March 2018

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Deck Description

I wanted to make a pauper control deck that uses land destruction in combination with some other control spells. So red was set from the beginning as colour. white, black and blue where available as second colours and I decided to go for white to get access to some unconventional control spells as well as some finishers.

Tests (Updated 2021)
The benchmark-decks I choose to up against where monoG stompy (Aggro-decks), monoB control (Hard-control decks), Dimir defensive mill (mill), and Orzhov lifegain/ drain (Pestilence/ Aristocrat decks). During the testing naturally some changes where made to the deck, so not all of the benchmark-tests where done against 100% the same deck. The test where done without using the sideboard, even if one would have been available. Here are the hard numbers (Opponent - Total number of games - Wins):
Dimir Defensive Mill - 11 - 7
monoB control - 6 - 3
monoG stompy - 6 - 3
Orzhov lifegain/drain - 7 - 3

Conclusion from the tests:
Winning or loosing all stands and falls with the number of land-destruction spells you're gonna draw from your deck. If your opponnent manages to put down more lands than you can destroy, you will have a hard time stopping him. [[Guardian of the Guildpact]] can help you survive or deal damage, but ultimately it will be to slow, if you don't manage to keep your opponent down long enough.

I'm open to all suggestions and ideas that may help to improve this deck.

How to Play

This deck is designed to disturb your opponents mana-base and take him the ability to cast spells. Starting with 3 mana your destruction spells should first target his special lands to cut of mana of a certain colour he might need, if the deck is mono-coloured then go for special lands first and then hit the basics.
Until you get to the point of land-destruction you can set up the support: [[Firebrand Archer]] (or [[Thermo Alchemist]] if you prefer) and [[Kiln Fiend]] to profit from spells being cast and [[Guardian of the Guildpact]] to slowly grind your opponent down.
The deck also features a high number of creature removal so that you can get rid of (nearly) anything that you opponent might have cast, before you controlled his game.
Just don't hope to make any friends playing land-destruction.

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Deck discussion for W/R Pauper: Land Destruction

O-Ring is an option, for the sideboard at least. It hits almost everything, so it's a good catch all.
Quicksand was printed as a common in Worldwake and can be an extra removal tool for you.
Electrickery is a solid option for any go wide strategy. A large amount of any go wide's creatures will die to this.

Your LD package reminded me, I designed a Ponza list for Pauper:

Posted 14 March 2018 at 13:57


I'm always forgetting these "new" dual-lands. Still automatically going for Guildgates&Co. even if there are better cards.

Posted 14 March 2018 at 14:07