BD: Discard-Fiesta!

by NorthernWarlord on 23 November 2021

Main Deck (60 cards)

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Deck Description

This deck was inspired by the user @RoboRisu. Thank you for your suggestion!

This is a Budget Deck (BD for short). It is meant primarily for casual play, and its estimated mid value is aimed to land between 10 and 20 US dollars at most. Take this detail into consideration when browsing the deck!

I mostly use MTG Vault for my own private projects nowadays, but feel free to comment or request a deck of your choice. I've loved the Vault so far, and I like that they are still improving on it, as well as I am improving on my English language skills.

So, if you like what you see, consider checking out some of my other budget-y work from the link below.

How to Play

An another chance to shine for my undying pals! Go, Relentless Coilbug, go, Jungle Creeper! ...and go, Sanitarium Skeleton, now while we are at it.

This deck's whole purpose is to dump stuff into your graveyard from your hand, then drag it back using the powerful abilities of the discarded creatures! Gain a huge load of value out of cards like Lotleth Troll, Grisly Survivor and even Feast of Sanity! Silly and fun!

As per my habits, I've designed the sideboard to include potential cards for this deck. Consider these if you are interested in the deck. They also may work well against specific opponents and specific strategies.

Statistics, pros and cons. Consider reading these, especially if you are a newbie!

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+ This deck has potentially infinite resources, constantly recycling Coilbugs, Creepers and Skeletons.

- Quite slow to get started. Good thing your discard-dudes can also perform well as early-game blockers!

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Deck discussion for BD: Discard-Fiesta!

Shambling shell :)

Posted 23 November 2021 at 09:43


I'll stick a couple to the sideboard, just for you.

Posted 23 November 2021 at 11:22


If it starts dredging it puts more creatures into the graveyard, that you can revive, and it is sacrificial in nature, sack to boost lotleth, for example. Or discard to zombie infestation to get it going.

Posted 23 November 2021 at 19:17


Yup, I got it.

Posted 23 November 2021 at 20:31