BD: Half Deck Series 3 - Black

by NorthernWarlord on 22 September 2022

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Deck Description

This half deck idea came from the user @wickeddarkman.
The idea is basically to have two copies of 30-card decks, then combine them together to have a single, functional deck.

Third time's the charm, eh? This is what I think when I attempt @wickeddarkman's deck-crafting tech once more. Check out the "How to Play" -section for more information!

I mostly use MTG Vault for my own private projects nowadays, but feel free to comment or request a deck of your choice. I've loved the Vault so far, and I like that they are still improving on it, as well as I am improving on my English language skills.

So, if you like what you see, consider checking out some of my other budget-y work from the link below.

How to Play

The theme for Half Deck Series 3 is CREATURE TOKENS!
Use these decks to spew out huge amounts of creature tokens, then utilize the other halves to come up with some clever synergies for the little dudes!

Here are links to other Half Deck Series 3 decks:

The links to the earlier series are linked below:

Sacrifice ---

Graveyard ---

Deck Tags

  • Mono Black
  • Weenie
  • Token
  • half deck
  • Sacrifice
  • Casual
  • Budget
  • Cheap

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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