BD: Mutual Madness

by NorthernWarlord on 18 May 2023

Main Deck (60 cards)

Sideboard (15 cards)

Instants (4)

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Deck Description

Let's get crazy!
(More or less literally.)

This is a Budget Deck (BD for short). It is meant primarily for casual play, and its estimated mid value is aimed to land between 10 and 20 US dollars at most. Take this detail into consideration when browsing the deck!

I mostly use MTG Vault for my own private projects nowadays, but feel free to comment or request a deck of your choice. I've loved the Vault so far, and I like that they are still improving on it, as well as I am improving on my English language skills.

So, if you like what you see, consider checking out some of my other budget-y work from the link below.

How to Play

Who needed those cards anyway?
Chuck away for victory!

Try to get EVERYONE to discard their hand cards, including yourself! Several of this deck's wincons rely on hand disruption as well, including, but not limited to, Guul Draz Specter, Creeping Dread and Feast of Sanity. Once the hands start grinding down, your opponents will also run low on options to disrupt your plans, all the while you grow stronger in the process.

In the sideboard you can find a wide variety of options against some more specific opponents. Use these to keep even the most resilient foes on their toes!

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+ Can technically disrupt any foe, provided you cast your discard spells at the right moment.
+ Functions rather well even with no cards in hand.
+ A lot of noncreature cards which let you close in on victory mean your opponents' creature-focused kill spells are less effective.

- May suffer against graveyard-based decks.
- Somewhat vulnerable against aggro.

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  • Mono Black
  • Discard
  • Self-Discard
  • Casual
  • Budget
  • Cheap

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