BEDH: Let's Get Big!

by NorthernWarlord on 25 October 2021

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Deck Description

Big boys, comin' up!

This is a Budget Elder Dragon Highlander deck (BEDH). It is meant for the Elder Dragon Highlander format, a.k.a. Commander. If you are not familiar with the format, I'll link it below for you.

I mostly use MTG Vault for my own private projects nowadays, but feel free to comment or request a deck of your choice. I've loved the Vault so far, and I like that they are still improving on it, as well as I am improving on my English language skills.

So, if you like what you see, consider checking out some of my other budget-y work from the link below.

How to Play

This deck likes to play big. Easy and fun! Ramp up some mana, then unleash a ferocious beatdown.

Statistics, pros and cons. Consider reading these, especially if you are a newbie!

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+ Easy to pick up, easy to play.
+ You'll become gradually harder to stop the more cards you get onto the field.

- You might have a hard time against both faster opponents as well as control-heavy players: faster ones can end you early, while control players may prevent you from utilizing your biggest creatures.

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  • Simic
  • Big Creatures
  • EDH
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  • Budget
  • Cheap

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Deck discussion for BEDH: Let's Get Big!

been awhile im trying to get an edh help page going and i would love your help on it i cover the $ cards and u can help with budget options

Posted 29 October 2021 at 05:33


Sure, I can help you.

Posted 29 October 2021 at 06:30


and even a budget deck needs a sol ring lol

Posted 29 October 2021 at 05:33


I understand this opinion, but let me quickly shed some light on my personal thoughts:

It has come to my personal opinion that it is against the social code to run a Sol Ring. In a multiplayer format, in early game, you'll paint yourself as the big bad foe the instant you drop Sol Ring onto the board, and in late game it matters little to play it. Furthermore, Sol Ring is banned in 1v1 Commander, so if someone intends to play this in that format, they won't have to change any cards in here.

Posted 29 October 2021 at 06:32


Also you literally can't put sol ring in keruga deck, lol

Posted 29 October 2021 at 08:29