Budget EDH: Banding Experience

by NorthernWarlord on 08 December 2017

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Deck Description

Do you want to play EDH? Don't you have an EDH deck? Do you think most of those ready-to-play-decks cost too much for your desires?
...Or do you just think you can't figure out a funny idea for your EDH deck?
Budget EDH-series is meant for players that want to play EDH.
They are playable and their cost is low!
(Between 25 and 50 bucks.)

How to Play

What a BANDING experience, am I right? Hehe.

Get dudes, get them to hang out together via banding-mechanic, then unleash the superior strength of the trample-keyword to go in for kill.

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Deck discussion for Budget EDH: Banding Experience

So uhhh... does anyone actually know how banding works?

Posted 09 December 2017 at 00:23


Banding basically works like the following:

When multiple creatures with banding attack or block, you may choose to create one or more bands, within which your creatures attack/block.

For as long as your creatures are banded, whenever a creature blocks or becomes blocked by the band, it blocks or becomes blocked by each individual creature in the band. When this happens, the band's controller decides how the creatures in the band deal and receive their combat damage.

For example:
You simultaneously attack with Noble Elephant, Shield Bearer and Timber Wolves. You choose to band them all. The band becomes blocked by Porcelain Legionnaire (a 3/1 creature with first strike). You decide that the Legionnaire deals 2 points of combat damage to Shield Bearer and 1 point of damage to Noble Elephant. Then you decide that Timber Wolves deals its 1 point of damage to the Legionnaire. The Legionnaire dies. Then, since the Elephant has trample, you can decide that the Elephant deals 2 damage to your opponent's face, since the total damage of the band was more than enough to destroy the blocking creature.

Did this clarify anything?

Posted 11 December 2017 at 17:28