Budget EDH: Winds of Wizardry

by NorthernWarlord on 03 September 2018

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Deck Description

Do you want to play EDH? Don't you have an EDH deck? Do you think most of those ready-to-play-decks cost too much for your desires?
...Or do you just think you can't figure out a funny idea for your EDH deck?
Budget EDH-series is meant for players that want to play EDH.
They are playable and their cost is low!
(Between 25 and 50 bucks.)

How to Play


Adeliz leads your wizards on an epic assault of spellcraft and cunning! Once she is cast, every spell you cast becomes a potent buff up, including cards that do impressive stuff by themselves!
- Wizards like Incursion Specialist and Wee Dragonauts are formidable beatsticks, and they shouldn't be ignored.
- Cleaver Riot, Insult // Injury and Teleportal are all game ending cards that can lead to tremendous amounts of damage.
- Diluvian Primodial, Spelltwine and Haze of Rage help you cast multiple spells each turn.

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  • Spellslinger
  • Izzet
  • Wizard
  • Tribal
  • EDH
  • Casual
  • Budget
  • Cheap

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