Stasis Crab

by Panthezar on 01 October 2019

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Deck Description

Let stasis freeze your opponent while Hedron Crab and Anvil of Bogardan passively mill them to death.

How to Play

Play stasis when you have three mana available so you can fuel its effect on the next turn. Thwart, Gush, and Daze will help to prolong your supply of untapped islands until you find a Forsaken City wich will fuel your stasis indefinitely and allow you to save your islands to play other spells.
Chain of vapor can be played at the end of the opponent's turn to return stasis to your hand allowing you to untap all your islands and then you can replay on the same turn before they can untap.
The Anvil of Bogardan skips the discard phase so the opponent can't exploit their max hand size to discard cards which automatically shuffle themselves into the library when put in the graveyard to avoid being milled. There fore it is crucial to get the anvil in play and protect it if your opponent has any of these cards in the deck.

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  • Mill
  • Stall
  • stasis
  • Counter
  • Casual

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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Deck discussion for Stasis Crab

Not a bad idea.
The only problem I see with this is the lack of tutoring.

Have you thought of fixing that part?

Posted 08 October 2019 at 20:01


Do you have any specific tutor suggestions?

Posted 08 October 2019 at 22:29


What format do you aim at ?

Also, you could abuse frozen aether by playing mesmeric orb

Posted 09 October 2019 at 04:37


Casual format,

the mesmeric orb doesn't really work with stasis though. Once Frozen Aether and stasis are both in play the idea is to never let the opponent have an untap step for the rest of the game and the orb would do more self harm when I bounce stasis back to my hand at the end of the opponents turn.

Posted 09 October 2019 at 05:08


Ah but it triggers at untap not at the untap phase
But yeah it wont be that good more of an annoyance unless you have some other stuff

Best tutor is vampiric tutor. Casual can have value for

Posted 09 October 2019 at 15:15


I see you don't like friends! Whatever they did forgive them! Heh, cool idea!

Posted 09 October 2019 at 00:17


ya the first time i played stasis from a deck made of random cards it pissed every one off who was at the table and I knew this deck needed to be built

Posted 09 October 2019 at 00:45