Standard Burn Deck

by paulopoi on 24 February 2011

Main Deck (60 cards)

Land (20)

Sideboard (15 cards)

Creatures (4)

Sorceries (7)

Instants (4)

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Deck Description

This is a standard burn deck tested in MTG Online, and sucefully wins 16 in 16 games.

I dont put Goblin Guide cause it not make so much diference. And the Perilous Myr can defeat your enemy in a extreme case.

On the sideboard I put cards to increase power of the deck, with the huge Obsidian Fireheart, a burn creature powerfull and soft to cast in this deck.

Memnites are put in play in first turn, clashing the enemy turn by turn, with the Myrs.

You destroy your opponents life and creatures, you can cast a Staggershock on the enemys end fase, Rebound it for free, and cast a kicked Unstable Footing to terminate de game causing 9 damege on the player without paying so much for it.

Just beat the inicial creatures down, keep excessive mountais in your hand an cast a Searing Blaze to inflict 3 in the opponent and one of his creatures.

I also put 4 Reverberate on the side, you can engage your power with it, but its good against counter speels, just copy it and burn your enemy.

Remember some secrets, depending the cards you have in your hand, dont destroy more creatures, just inflict direct damage and wait for block with a Perilous Myr,

The Secret is to know how card to play and in the right time,

Go for the Heads! T2

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