White Solders and Taxes

by philosopher99 on 06 October 2019

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Deck Description

This deck is an aggressive humans death and taxes deck.

The aggressive part of the deck uses the Champion of the Parish, Thalia's Lieutenant, Student of Warfare, and Brimaz, King of Oreskos as creatures and path to exile and honor of the pure as non-creature spells.

I like to play Champion of the Parish first turn and Thalia's Lieutenant on the second turn because the Lieutenant gives the champion a +1/+1 counter and triggers the champion's +1/+1 ability, thus making him a 3/3 on turn two and I like to attack for 3 damage.

If the Champion/Lieutenant combo is not in my opening hand, I like to play my student of warfare turn one and then on turn two level him up to a level two, which makes him a 3/3 first strike on turn two and then attack for 3 damage.

I like to play my Brimaz, King of Oreskos on turn three and then play two honor of the pures on turn four because when Brimaz attacks, he creates a 1/1 cat solder with vigilance also attacking, so with the two honor of the pures on the battlefield, Brimaz attacks as a 5/6 and the cat solder attacks as a 3/3, which represents 8 damage and provides excellent great value from a 3 converted mana cost creature.

The taxes portion of my deck consists of the following: Thalia, Guardian of Threben; Deafening Silence; taxing the cost my opponent's activated abilities and noncreature spells during my turn with Tithe Taker; and taxing my opponent's mana sources by destroying their lands and creatures with the Leonine Arbiter and Ghost Quarter combo and the Leonine Arbiter and Path to Exile combo.

These two strategies culminate in a win by taxing my opponent to the point where they have no answers to my creatures.

How to Play

1) Aggro strategy
T1: play champion
T2: play lieutenant --> 2 champion triggers --> swing with a 3/3 champion
T3: play student or inspector --> 1 champion and lieutenant trigger; play honor of the pure --> swing with a 5/5 champion and a 4/4 lieutenant.

2) Aggro and tax strategy
T1: play champion;
T2: play thalia or tithe taker --> 1 champion trigger; swing with my champion if my opponent has no creatures;
T3 and on: continue to play humans to trigger my champion and continue to tax my opponent into submission.

3) Pure tax strategy
T1: Deafening Silence
T2: Thalia
T3: Leonin arbiter + ghost quarters --> destroy one of my opponent's shock lands
T4 on: at this point i like to play a student of warfare on the 4rth turn and level him to level 3 and then level him to level 7 on turn five, which will make him a 4/4 double strike.

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  • Aggro
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  • Taxes
  • Modern
  • Mono White
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