by Pight314 on 19 September 2020

Mana Curve

Mana Symbol Occurrence

Type breakdown

Door of Destinies1x Door of DestiniesArtifact$8.40$11.97$19.99
Relic Vial1x Relic VialArtifact$0.01$0.25$4.25
Alms Collector1x Alms CollectorCreature - Cat Cleric$11.75$14.82$38.99
Twilight Prophet1x Twilight ProphetCreature - Vampire Cleric$18.57$22.09$30.00
Angel of Destiny1x Angel of DestinyCreature — Angel Cleric$1.98$3.30$29.99
Academy Rector1x Academy RectorCreature — Cleric$63.99$80.33$399.99
Akroma's Devoted1x Akroma's DevotedCreature — Cleric$0.05$0.25$4.17
Battlefield Medic1x Battlefield MedicCreature — Cleric$0.05$0.22$4.15
Beacon of Destiny1x Beacon of DestinyCreature — Cleric$0.12$0.35$4.99
Entomber Exarch1x Entomber ExarchCreature — Cleric$0.03$0.25$4.99
Master Apothecary1x Master ApothecaryCreature — Cleric$0.25$0.88$2.25
Pulsemage Advocate1x Pulsemage AdvocateCreature — Cleric$0.25$0.77$5.04
Shieldmage Advocate1x Shieldmage AdvocateCreature — Cleric$0.01$0.24$21.50
Whipgrass Entangler1x Whipgrass EntanglerCreature — Cleric$0.05$0.21$4.15
Doubtless One1x Doubtless OneCreature — Cleric Avatar$0.08$0.30$4.18
Ancestor's Prophet1x Ancestor's ProphetCreature — Cleric Lord$0.22$0.59$4.99
Shieldmage Elder1x Shieldmage ElderCreature — Cleric Wizard$0.05$0.25$4.15
Auriok Champion1x Auriok ChampionCreature — Human Cleric$22.00$23.01$33.33
Devout Chaplain1x Devout ChaplainCreature — Human Cleric$0.08$0.25$4.99
Disciple of the Vault1x Disciple of the VaultCreature — Human Cleric$0.10$0.29$4.25
Grand Abolisher1x Grand AbolisherCreature — Human Cleric$18.45$20.43$34.24
High Priest of Penance1x High Priest of PenanceCreature — Human Cleric$0.10$0.44$16.89
Luminarch Aspirant1x Luminarch AspirantCreature — Human Cleric$0.08$0.77$5.00
Pious Evangel1x Pious EvangelCreature — Human Cleric$0.09$0.27$4.25
Skirsdag High Priest1x Skirsdag High PriestCreature — Human Cleric$0.10$0.54$2.75
Soul Warden1x Soul WardenCreature — Human Cleric$0.09$0.50$2.12
Soul's Attendant1x Soul's AttendantCreature — Human Cleric$0.40$1.79$3.99
Speaker of the Heavens1x Speaker of the HeavensCreature — Human Cleric$0.29$1.13$6.29
Thraben Doomsayer1x Thraben DoomsayerCreature — Human Cleric$0.15$0.58$4.99
True Believer1x True BelieverCreature — Human Cleric$0.50$1.39$5.34
Witch Hunter1x Witch HunterCreature — Human Cleric$0.10$0.26$4.99
Doomed Necromancer1x Doomed NecromancerCreature — Human Cleric Mercenary$0.40$2.20$5.99
Weathered Wayfarer1x Weathered WayfarerCreature — Human Nomad Cleric$5.72$8.56$14.95
Children of Korlis1x Children of KorlisCreature — Human Rebel Cleric$0.20$1.14$3.55
Hanweir Militia Captain1x Hanweir Militia CaptainCreature — Human Soldier$0.37$1.02$6.00
Battletide Alchemist1x Battletide AlchemistCreature — Kithkin Cleric$1.92$4.76$9.99
Giver of Runes1x Giver of RunesCreature — Kor Cleric$7.00$10.18$25.11
Remorseful Cleric1x Remorseful ClericCreature — Spirit Cleric$0.19$0.96$4.99
Selfless Spirit1x Selfless SpiritCreature — Spirit Cleric$5.49$7.98$29.44
Bishop of Rebirth1x Bishop of RebirthCreature — Vampire Cleric$0.03$0.49$4.99
Cleric of Life's Bond1x Cleric of Life's BondCreature — Vampire Cleric$0.04$0.25$11.50
Pontiff of Blight1x Pontiff of BlightCreature — Zombie Cleric$0.16$0.62$4.99
Rotlung Reanimator1x Rotlung ReanimatorCreature — Zombie Cleric$8.12$10.69$19.47
Withered Wretch1x Withered WretchCreature — Zombie Cleric$0.25$0.43$4.49
Daru Spiritualist1x Daru SpiritualistCreature—Cleric$0.07$0.24$4.15
Edgewalker1x EdgewalkerCreature—Cleric$1.24$3.50$16.89
Debtors' Knell1x Debtors' KnellEnchantment$1.70$3.11$8.99
Phyrexian Reclamation1x Phyrexian ReclamationEnchantment$1.77$3.29$16.49
Smothering Tithe1x Smothering TitheEnchantment$23.76$29.69$45.00
Beacon of Immortality1x Beacon of ImmortalityInstant$0.69$1.40$5.49
Deadly Rollick1x Deadly RollickInstant$13.24$18.04$29.95
Malakir Rebirth // Malakir Mire1x Malakir Rebirth // Malakir Mi..Instant // Land$0.04$0.48$4.36
Taborax, Hope's Demise1x Taborax, Hope's DemiseLegendary Creature — Demon Cleric$0.05$0.49$4.75
Eight-and-a-Half-Tails1x Eight-and-a-Half-TailsLegendary Creature — Fox Cleric$0.75$2.01$8.48
Mangara, the Diplomat1x Mangara, the DiplomatLegendary Creature — Human Cleric$6.00$8.06$985.00
Ravos, Soultender1x Ravos, SoultenderLegendary Creature — Human Cleric$0.00$0.00$0.00
Whisper, Blood Liturgist1x Whisper, Blood LiturgistLegendary Creature — Human Cleric$0.09$0.44$5.00
Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim1x Ayli, Eternal PilgrimLegendary Creature — Kor Cleric$0.37$1.15$6.07
Drana, the Last Bloodchief1x Drana, the Last BloodchiefLegendary Creature — Vampire Cleric$0.77$2.25$29.99
Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose1x Vito, Thorn of the Dusk RoseLegendary Creature — Vampire Cleric$2.00$3.27$13.56
Spear of Heliod1x Spear of HeliodLegendary Enchantment Artifact$0.30$1.22$5.34
Athreos, God of Passage1x Athreos, God of PassageLegendary Enchantment Creature — God$6.00$9.99$37.76
Beacon of Unrest1x Beacon of UnrestSorcery$0.54$1.44$4.99
Mother of Runes1x Mother of RunesSummon Cleric$2.67$5.49$49.99
Shaman en-Kor1x Shaman en-KorSummon Cleric$0.40$0.94$9.99
Soltari Visionary1x Soltari VisionarySummon Cleric$0.05$0.29$2.49
Exorcist1x ExorcistSummon Exorcist$13.49$18.29$27.99
Plains11x PlainsBasic Land — Plains$0.88$2.75$54.89
Swamp7x SwampBasic Land — Swamp$0.07$1.75$34.93
Caves of Koilos1x Caves of KoilosLand$0.35$1.04$9.99
Command Tower1x Command TowerLand$0.25$0.95$4.99
Concealed Courtyard1x Concealed CourtyardLand$1.49$3.00$11.32
Isolated Chapel1x Isolated ChapelLand$3.39$4.94$16.60
Maze of Ith1x Maze of IthLand$20.30$29.99$79.99
Starlit Sanctum1x Starlit SanctumLand$0.15$0.50$4.99
Tainted Field1x Tainted FieldLand$0.13$0.35$4.20
Vault of the Archangel1x Vault of the ArchangelLand$2.80$4.50$13.68
Westvale Abbey1x Westvale AbbeyLand$4.00$6.04$19.16
Brightclimb Pathway // Grimclimb Pathway1x Brightclimb Pathway // Grimcl..Land // Land$1.50$2.96$11.04
Godless Shrine1x Godless ShrineLand — Plains Swamp$6.00$8.40$19.78
Kor Haven1x Kor HavenLegd Land$6.55$9.21$29.99
Volrath's Stronghold1x Volrath's StrongholdLegd Land$73.14$88.66$7,875.00
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth1x Urborg, Tomb of YawgmothLegendary Land$23.97$27.39$85.98