Burn, Baby Burn

by pikzak on 06 December 2018

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Deck Description

Hi, thanks for clicking and reading my Burn deck list.
I am quite new too deck creating, and am open for suggestions.

I try keeping my decks cheap and fun, so everybody is able to use my decklists, as I am a cheap and poor student as well!

I hope you enjoy burning your enemy!

How to Play

deal lots of early damage with low cost spells and creatures.

keep your hand full with the magma jet/wild guess combo (I advise to play the combo if you can, it would be a shame if you disscard a damage spell for a land card or 2)

Deal massive burn damage with Guttersnipe and Shrine of Burning Rage.

when the opponent is settling his massive creatures stop him with your cute board wipe in Earthquake.

ensure the victory with the Shrine.

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  • Mono Red
  • Burn
  • Cheap
  • Budget
  • Aggro

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Deck discussion for Burn, Baby Burn

Banefire :)

Posted 06 December 2018 at 13:53


Thanks good one!

Posted 09 December 2018 at 01:16