Triple Combo, Independent

by pnswlkerKING on 23 November 2016

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Deck Description

This deck includes 3 insane combos, which can easily end the game. Sure, some of the cards cost a lot of mana, but The lucky number of mana for this deck is 16. You are guaranteed to get mana on your first couple of draws.

How to Play

Simply, there are 3 combos that don't rely on each other. Every card in this deck is part of a game-ending combo, so you're on a good start right off the bat.

Combo One:
The Lady of Scrolls and Mind Over Matter may have ended more games of EDH than any other cards. Typically, the deck uses Mind Over Matter to draw every card in the deck: Mind Over Matter discards to untap Azami, Azami taps to draw a card. Repeat. And then Laboratory Maniac is used for the win. Watch out for Arcanis the Omnipotent doing a similar trick if he doesn’t have summoning sickness.
This combo is hard to beat once both cards are in play, since you can use Mind Over Matter at instant speed to dig until you find your Force of Will or Pact of Negation to stop any potential answers to Laboratory Maniac. You need to respond to the Mind Over Matter by destroying Azami, or vice versa if Mind Over Matter is already in play. Krosan Grip stands out as one of the few ways to end the combo after it begins.

Combo Two:
If you are wondering what the text on Knowledge Pool is, it basically reads that no one else can cast spells while Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir is still in play. Omen Machine is also pretty nasty with Teferi. This is a hard combo to stop, simply because Teferi makes interacting with other players difficult.

Combo Three:
This combo takes out one player, barring they don’t play Eldrazi. You cast Vendilion Clique, and then name the card you take with Tunnel Vision. This mills every card from that player’s library except the card you take. Then, hopefully, they die after a turn cycle.

To conclude, this deck is great for basically cheating your way through games. Just to say, there are some weaknesses such as if opponents have Eldrazi, as mentioned before. It is good for a max of 3 opponents.

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Deck discussion for Triple Combo, Independent

How do people like my new deck? It's my first one on this website since I've recently joined MTGvault.

Posted 23 November 2016 at 19:55