Rogue Mill (but mostly Rogue)

by Pokets on 30 April 2021

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Deck Description

Not a terribly original idea, but I wanted to see it splashed with a little Cipher for fun. The mill won't win games, just trigger all the goodies and give Zareth ammo. I didn't bother with protection since all the rogues are cheaper to replace than save (or a trick like Zareth).

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Deck discussion for Rogue Mill (but mostly Rogue)

You might consider "writ of passage"

Posted Saturday at 00:12


I like it and am curious to dabble with Forecast, since I never have. I dropped the Paranoid Delusions and a Merfolk to put 4 in. Thank you, sir.

Posted Monday at 13:08


No problem.
It's one of the cards I always keep in mind.

Posted Monday at 20:29