ICF Book Control

by potatonateo1997 on 20 October 2020

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Deck Description

This deck is for a custom format called ICF in which the total cost of the decks must be at most $2.00 excluding basic lands. The prices are taken from the market price on tcgplayer.com. For this one:

0.14 Sphinx of the guildpact x2
0.09 blaze x1
0.08 Take Vengeance x2
0.16 Anticipate x4
0.15 Disenchant x3
0.24 Lightning Strike x4
0.10 Nullify x2
0.12 Prohibit x4
0.08 Quench x2
0.20 Shock x4
0.05 Shredded Sails x1
0.40 Jayemdae Tome x4
0.04 Pacifism x2
0.10 planar outburst x1

Total: 1.95

How to Play

This deck is based off of the 9394 deck "The Deck" using the same signature card as it's draw power. It is a heavy control with with a lot of permission. Due to the way the format is designed the Sphinx of the guildpact, once in play, will most likely stay in play as it will have protection from almost everything in the format. Additionally, there is a single blaze just in case.

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  • The Deck

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  • Not Legal in Standard
  • Legal in Modern
  • Legal in Vintage
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