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by potatonateo1997 on 22 October 2020

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Deck Description

This deck is for a custom format called ICF in which the total cost of the decks must be at most $2.00 excluding basic lands. The prices are taken from the market price on tcgplayer.com. For this one:

0.01 Witness of Tomorrows
0.02 Eidolon of Philosophy
0.02 Nyx Herald
0.02 Facet Reader
0.03 Nyxborn Seaguard
0.03 Air Servant
0.03 Corrosive Ooze
0.03 Riptide Crab
0.04 Enemy of Enlightenment
0.02 Nexus Wardens
0.05 gravedigger
0.05 Warden of the Woods
0.05 Thrashing Brontodon
0.05 Omen of the Dead
0.05 Transcendent Envoy
0.05 Arcanist's Owl
0.06 Ronom Unicorn
0.08 Riptide Chimera
0.13 Grim Guardian
0.12 Thirst for Meaning x3
0.06 Capture Sphere x2
0.04 Revoke Privileges x2
0.08 Starlit Mantle x2
0.09 Pacifism x3
0.28 Urban Utopia x4
0.44 Enigmatic Incarnation x4

Total: 2.00

How to Play

This is essentially the closest ICF is getting to Pod Decks. I was surprised to find Enigmatic Incarnation and began work on a deck built around it.

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  • ICF
  • Midrange
  • Enchantment
  • 4-Color

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  • Not Legal in Standard
  • Not Legal in Modern
  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

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