ICF Mono Black Drain

by potatonateo1997 on 06 July 2020

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Deck Description

This deck is for a custom format called ICF in which the total cost of the decks must be at most $2.00 excluding basic lands. The prices are taken from the market price on tcgplayer.com. For this one:

0.08 Child of night x4
0.40 nightmare x4
0.48 Drain Life x4
0.15 Diabolic Edict x3
0.01 Unlikely Aid x1
0.09 Dead Weight x3
0.12 Mire's Grasp x3
0.18 Quag Sickness x3
0.12 Duress x4
0.09 Painful Lesson x3
0.21 Order of Midnight x3
0.03 Macabre Waltz x1

Total: 1.96

How to Play

The goal of this deck is to be aggressive. Child of night is great cheap creature with lifelink, followed into lost legion for a body with some utility, topping off at sengir vampire for damage in the air. The main source of removal in the deck is from enchantments taking advantage of the large number of swamps we should have. Blightcaster essentially increases the "damage" these do by an additional 2. Finally the card the deck was built around and makes up 30% of the budget is life drain a black X spell that is essentially the black equivalent to fireball. The goal of these is to close out the game with one of these.

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  • ICF
  • Midrange
  • Mono Black
  • jank

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  • Not Legal in Standard
  • Not Legal in Modern
  • Legal in Vintage
  • Legal in Legacy

Deck discussion for ICF Mono Black Drain

I don't know how the prices on tcgplayer are shown/ calculated, but when you at the different versions of a card here ate MTGVault there is a difference between the versions. For example Painful Lesson costs 0.15$ in Amonkhet while the Battlebond card you added to the deck costs 0.20$. So how do you calculate the price?
Grimdancer could be a very versatile card here.
Foreboding Fruit could be a cheaper replacement for Painful Lesson. If you don't need the "target player" but "you" then Live Fast could also be an option.

Posted 25 November 2020 at 10:07


The prices are taken as the market price of the lowest costed copy of the card. So, for example, Serra Angel has a market price of 0.06 at the moment from the Dominaria set and that is the lowest listing therefore that is the price for this format even though the same card has market price value 210 for the Beta version. Also thank you for the comment I haven't seen Grimdancer before I will look into it!

Posted 26 November 2020 at 23:56