ICF Shimmering Hero

by potatonateo1997 on 05 July 2020

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Deck Description

This deck is for a custom format called ICF in which the total cost of the decks must be at most $2.00 excluding basic lands. The prices are taken from the market price on tcgplayer.com. For this one:

0.12 Aegis Turtle
0.48 Mindreaver
0.16 Sage of Mysteries
0.16 Anticipate
0.08 Disperse
0.18 Hieroglyphic Illumination
0.10 Nullify
0.12 Prohibit
0.24 Frogify
0.30 Shimmering Wings
0.05 Zephyr Net

Total: $1.99

Try to make decks for yourself if you want with the tag ICF. I would love to see what others come up with!

How to Play

The goal of the deck is to utilize [[mindreaver]] and [[sage of mysteries]] triggered abilities to mill your opponent out. The way to repeatedly trigger this is with the enchantment [[Shimmering Wings]]. The rest of the deck is about survival. [[Prohibit]] is an interesting counterspell with a very low market price making it the best option for this deck. It is possible that there should be more islands in this deck but I am unsure what to drop for it.

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  • Control
  • Mono Blue
  • jank
  • ICF

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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  • Legal in Vintage
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