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You make a good point about the fetchable cycle lands. I may try experimenting with both and see which one works out for me. I am still putting this deck together so it may be awhile.

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I've tried a similar zoo list like this with Bloodbraid elf and with 18 lands, you are going to have a rough time even counting to 4 to play Bloodbraid Elf. Monastery Swiftspear really only works in non-creature heavy decks which is not this one so you are better off running Wild Nacatl. Try looking at a Tribal Zoo list, it's what I'm running now and it's working fairly well at FNM.

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EDIT...Take out two copies of Walk the Plank and put two copies of Duress in the sideboard.

Posted 31 January 2018 at 03:34 in reply to #611160 on U/B Pirates


Main Deck:
-Take out Vona's Hunger and put Vraska's Contempt in the sideboard
-Put in an extra copy of Ruin Raider
-Put in two copies of March of the Drowned

Mana Base:
Unclaimed Territory x4
Drowned Catacomb x4
Fetid Pool x2
Swamp x7
Island x5

Walk the Plank x4
Vraska's Contempt x3
Spell Pierce x3
Aethersphere Harvester x2
Skysoverign, Consul Flagship x1
Dreamcaller Siren x2

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So it looks like this is a budget build but here are some ways this deck can be improved:
-Replace Grasp of Darkness with Fatal Push
-Replace Rakdos Shred-Freak with Goblin Guide (going to be reprinted in Modern Master's 2017)
-Consider Titan's Strength over Built to Smash (the scry can help you get there more than the extra 2 toughness)
-Mutagenic Growths may be helpful to keep creatures alive without spending mana
-Replace lightning axe with dismember in the sideboard (It's more consistent than discarding a card)
-Fetch lands such as Bloodstained Mires and Wooded Foothills
-Full-art basic lands (because it makes you look cool ^_^)

Posted 02 March 2017 at 00:10 as a comment on BR AGGRO (MODERN)