Der Grüne Punkt

by Puschkin on 03 January 2017

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Deck Description

[As usual: My decks are for multiplayer, mostly 2vs2 and Pentagram. I am playing in a regular group of Magic veterans with huge collections, the meta is very mixed and mostly relaxed but sophisticated, no netdecks. No need to comment on manabase because it is always subject to change due to availability of my duals and fetchies, but feel free to suggest non-basics with abilities that fit. We don't use sideboards, cards listed in the sideboard are cards I consider adding and/or cards I don't own yet]

I wanted a deck where cards have several purposes and can also be useful passively as resources for other cards. A deck that recycles itself. Hence the name (after the geman national recycling program).
It's core is Gitrog Monster and Drownyard Temple and the deck is dubbed "the Gitrog deck" in my group. >However, that's misleading and that is a good thing :) The Temple can be abused in more ways and there are more subthemes and combos, almost clusterdeck style. Check How to Play section for a complete rundown.

I am playing this deck for quite a while now and am enjoying it very much, constantly tweaking it. There are so many cards I'd like to see here. Haven't been active in Vault because I have a son now, future heir to my Moxes, but thought this particular deck was worth sharing.

How to Play

This actually spawned this deck. When it got printed I thought they would be a huge hit but for some reason they never took off. So I got a playset for cheap and built this deck. It's various uses will be explained below.

Kind of MVP here, still only 2 copies. I don't own more plus I don't want to focus on it too much. With Drownyard Temple it's a good carddraw engine and solid of it's own. It's a Plowshare magnet for a reason. Shouldn't played too early, though, getting back Temples still costs 3 mana.

Scavange fits the recycling theme perfectly. This way, these creatures will have a second use and bolster other crittes. The mere threat of being able to buff is quite frightening. Got the Goliaths for cheap. 5/5 for 4 mana is more than solid, but the scavenge of this one is just savage! The scorpion is kind of meh, but I got a foiled one and figured that if it killed another creature with it's deathtouch, it has already done enough and the scavange is a bonus. Varolz, oth, grants a second use to every other creature as well.

Aka the "LOL-Troll" is just a solid early drop that remains useful in later stages of the game. Gigapedes and scavangers are good discard material to feed this. Note that lol trolls also trample. An early troll, beefed up by discarding scavangers and then using the scavange on it next turn can grow a very big guy in short amount of time. However, I typically don't waste too much on them because then they will win the spotremoval lottery, instead I prefer to keep them as regenerating blockers and annoying pokers that *might* become huge if I wanted to.

Subtle but deadly. Flying + deathtouch is a usefull combo in multiplayer and it typically takes things down that are bigger and cost more mana than itself. But in this deck, the dredge part helps me digging into those Temples. It also makes the next Vinecrasher bigger, gets scavangers into the grave ... well, you probably know dredge shenanigans well enough.

A little bit of ramp that has it's uses later in the game. Could be something else, but wanted to give them a try.

A recurring Deadly Insect, I love it! Since I can pitch Temples to get them back, I virtually have an unlimited supply. It's quite mana heavy to do so every turn, though.
You can also ditch them to lol troll, then get them back with temple. Yes, that's much work for a simple +1/+1 counter but it's interactions like this that I love about this deck. Squeeze everything out of all of your resources.

The better, but clunkier Zuran Orb or the upgraded Dark Heart of the Wood, depending on you look at it. Can get you serious amounts of life, especially with temples out. I recommend to not drop them too early.

This is like a supply chain provider. Artifact tokens, card draw, creature tokens ... First thought was to add Tireless Tracker, but they are still pricey and I figured that I might be better off with a source that doesn't die with the inevitable creature mass removal spells.

Looks odd at first, and indeed, I don't run many artifacts and only a single artifact token producer. The thing is, it works on opponent's artifacts as well and thus can generate serious amounts of life in any multiplayer game. And as a 5/5 stats aren't shabby either. And I own a foiled one :) Yeah, that's probably the main reason to run it. But IF you get this and the Mysteries, you have a pretty nice thing going.

Protects your key creatures quite nicely. In case you don't know: With this you can give a creature shroup in response to something targetting it. It then resolves before the spell/ability that was targetting it, which will counter that spell/ability, because it doesn't have a legal target anymore. The loss of land can be compensated with Temples or Groundskeeper.

Get back lands that aren't Temples. Note that it doesn't tap for it's ability, activate it as many times as you have mana.

Becomes better the more of your guys died. The Imp's dredge feeds him. The sacrifice ability is an important alternate path to victory in games where attacking isn't an option anymore and it makes good use of creatures that will die anyway. It's third ability completes the circle of life and starts the next recycling process :)
That way, he is kind of the "boss" or patron of this deck.

I just like this guy and run it for it's continous card advantage and indestructibility. It's a very solid card and stabilizes multiplayerdecks. Has bad synergy with those Gigapedes, though.

In any typical multiplayer game there is a lot of dying going on and with so many 1-ofs and 2-ofs the scry part is very welcome. But it is very solid on it's own, deterring attackers.

You'll have a very busy graveyard. AFTC can generate serious board dominance if any of your engines stays in play unchecked.

You have some card advantage generators, but I had a few games where I ran out of cards. This usually grants you more cards than a six mana should give you and even let's you drop one of them for free.

I don't need to praise this card, right? Instead I should explain why I run only one copy ... I will up this to 2 as soon as I find the second one :)

Doesn't really fit, I just like the explosiveness if you kill an expensive enchantment EOT of the guy before your turn. It should probably be Aura Fracture so it synergizes with Temple and Groundskeeper. THEN again, Aura Shards is even better, it just doesn't fit that good thematically.

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