Sorin, the Oathless

by ReaperAndross on 17 March 2023

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Deck Description

Trying my hand at the new Oathbreaker format, with an old favourite Planeswalker of mine and my old profile on here from many, MANY years ago.
I was tossing up between tokens and just Vampires, so I've designed this to kinda test the waters of Oathbreaker and see how it goes!

Lands are literally whatever, I'll fix them later.

How to Play

Just get out as many Vampires as possible, remove any major threats to the board and go ham on your opponents! There should be enough Lifelink in here to keep you alive.
Sorin's Vengeance is there mainly just for the ability to stretch out and just wipe a player. I know that people are going to say that I should have something cheaper as my signature spell, but this also makes thematic sense.

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  • Oathbreaker
  • Vampire
  • Token
  • Sorin

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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