Infect Two-Headed Giant Combo ..

by RomanTarchinski on 17 January 2011

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Deck Description

After playing a few games of Two-headed giant this weekend, I decided I wanted to try making a two deck set based on Infect and Proliferate. The first deck would be a heavy infect deck focused on putting out as much infect damage as possible. The second deck would be focused on proliferate and board control.

This is the Proliferate deck. A U deck built to proliferate as much as possible!

Pt. 1 is

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Deck discussion for Infect Two-Headed Giant Combo Pt. 2

So I made a deck pretty similar to this mostly for the sake of two headed giant with my green black infect deck too. One really good way to help speed up the game and take on a totally unique approach while they are trying to handle the infect is to add in some grindclocks. MY current proliferate has milled just about any deck it lasts more than 6 turns against due to grindclocks plus eternity vessels which I get out quickly thanks to Everflowing chalice. Besides being well-paired with infect though, you should also consider pairing this deck with an artifact heavy +1/+1 counter deck with proliferate as well. My friend has a deck like that filled with triskelions, pentavi, and steel overseers that we play together a lot. So far this combo has obliterated a very well paired teams of Soldiers and Angels, Shrines and early game white, burn and control, and meaty green paired with an overrun green. The longest anyone's ever gone against us is 12 turns, at which point we had 3 grindclocks with about 60 counters total, 2 triskelions with about 35 counters on them apiece, an eternity vessel with around 70 counters on it, and a Tezzeret and Jace the Mind Sculptor both at about 40 loyalty tokens. Needless to say, that turn we saced all the triskelions, exiled one player's library, milled the other, and were at about 400 life. :D :D :D

Posted 17 January 2011 at 18:15


lol nice! Thanks for the tip!

Posted 01 March 2011 at 16:03