Best U/G infect ever!

by rstevens416 on 27 June 2011

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Deck Description

Blue/Green quick win infect deck.

First game should be turn 3/4 easy win. they wont see whats coming until they are dead.
Second/third game is when the sideboard come into play to try to control your opponent just long enough for you to poison them to death.

Glistener Elf, Blighted Agent, Inkmoth Nexus and Ichorclaw Myr for infect and Thrummingbird for Proliferate once they are infected. Invigorate, Mutagentic Growth (free pumps (mana wise)) and Groundswell are to pump up your creature for once, decisive blow.
Vapor Snag and Into the Roil will remove their creatures/permanents from the battle field for one turn, while distortion strike makes your creature unblock-able. Combination of one or more of these spells should be enough to reach your opponent for that one hit kill (with pumps).
Finally Currupted Resolve, Daze, mental misstep and Nature's Claim for control.

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Deck discussion for Best U/G infect ever!

how do you beat the Phyrexian Unlife deck? I mean, Melira prevents poison counters and Unlife makes you practically invincible. When they start playing Asceticism, there's nothing you can do about it. I think this deck does make a good chance against caw-blade, though that Era is long gone. You will see a lot of mono-green infecters, Valakut and Tezzeret Control decks, as well as combo-decks like bloodcrank or Phyrexian Unlife, so I'd rather look for some answers to those decks...

Posted 28 June 2011 at 13:42


in order to beat a deck like that i guess i would need to counter some of the spells if i am lucky or be able to beat them before they get asceticism out. typically my problem is that i dont get any creatures on my first hand, or no pumps. I count on my speed in order to win in which some cases I'm unlucky.
my sideboard i could destroy asceticism and using into the roil or counters i guess.

Posted 28 June 2011 at 19:00


I'm curious to know if Red / Green Infect would work. Green doing all your infect of course but using cascade as well. Sounds pretty sweet. Or the traditional blue, but I'd use something like spreading seas, into the roil, etc.. to

Posted 05 July 2011 at 12:25