Clone: Pauper Canker Sores

by SeriousPaul on 26 March 2020

Mana Curve

Mana Symbol Occurrence

Type breakdown

Thorn of the Black Rose2x Thorn of the Black RoseCreature — Human Assassin$0.58$2.08$5.98
Chittering Rats4x Chittering RatsCreature — Rat$0.56$2.60$20.00
Canker Abomination4x Canker AbominationCreature — Treefolk Horror$0.36$1.00$9.80
Gurmag Angler3x Gurmag AnglerCreature — Zombie Fish$0.24$0.87$9.03
Pestilence1x PestilenceEnchantment$0.15$0.50$3.99
Dark Ritual4x Dark RitualInstant$0.96$2.84$39.96
Defile3x DefileInstant$0.27$0.75$15.00
Echoing Decay1x Echoing DecayInstant$0.17$0.40$4.99
Befoul1x BefoulSorcery$0.06$0.21$2.23
Chainer's Edict3x Chainer's EdictSorcery$2.40$6.69$35.97
Choking Sands4x Choking SandsSorcery$0.48$3.00$67.96
Icequake4x IcequakeSorcery$1.36$3.00$39.96
Rancid Earth4x Rancid EarthSorcery$0.64$1.44$5.28
Sign in Blood3x Sign in BloodSorcery$0.30$0.75$6.69
Swamp15x SwampBasic Land — Swamp$3.30$14.70$14,999.85
Peat Bog4x Peat BogLand$0.84$3.04$11.56