Jurassic Pimp

by SeriousPaul on 07 August 2021

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Deck Description

A work in progress, built entirely from cards I own. Intended for casual play I wanted to make something fun that stomped and chomped the nomnoms! I had most of these cards laying around, the ones I had to purchase were all basically around a dollar each-so I think I dropped seven bucks total to make it. My hope is to make a fun battle cruiser style deck for casual play here. I am not opposed to optimizing, but it's not the primary goal.

How to Play

Also a work in progress. Establish board state, rely on the board to soak early game damage and deliver a Jurassic style beat down!

I added approach of the second as alternate win condition. It is definitely not supported in any real way, just kind of available.

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  • Casual
  • Commander
  • Naya
  • dinosaur
  • Kitchen Table
  • NomNoms!

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Deck discussion for Jurassic Pimp

As always commentary is welcome, but not expected. I'll have to tweak the list as I play it. Sideboard cards are just cards I thought might have fit it, but didn't make the cut.

Posted 07 August 2021 at 01:45