Fast red assault

by sheuscher on 08 June 2010

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Deck Description

Just a very fast "basic" red deck. Opponent should be dead by the third turn. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

All cards cost R to cast, the Fireblast as finisher.

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Deck discussion for Fast red assault

skitter of lizards is actually really slow. I recommend siege-gang commander instead. Slower to get out but he makes up for it.

Posted 08 June 2010 at 15:35


skitter of lizards is actually a 1/1 with haste and possible multikcker. siege-gang commander will not be out by the third turn, so he will be useless.

Posted 08 June 2010 at 16:08


Cut Firestorm. Extremely situational, and the only way it will do more damage than the card you discard is if its a land, and even then its not efficient enough. I'd trade them for Browbeats. Leaving the guy at low life and then gassing is the problem with these decks. Its card draw or more burn, both are good.

Cut the Spark Elementals for Ball Lightning.

Would also try to find room for some Magma Jets. Scry is invaluable in burn decks.

Posted 08 June 2010 at 16:46


Thanks for the tips. I'll try them.

Posted 08 June 2010 at 18:05