Mono Black Group Hug

by SilverRock75 on 08 August 2023

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Deck Description

You love drawing cards. Your opponents love drawing cards. Everyone loves drawing cards. So let's share the love with this "Group Hug" deck.

As soon as Sheoldred hits the battlefield (Along with Bow Masters and Underworld Dreams) drawing cards becomes a little more painful, but with all the cards they are drawing, surely they'll kill off Sheoldred and friends. That's why we can't *just* let them draw cards, Sheoldred turns a Sign in Blood into either a draw 2 gain 2 life for 2 mana, or once your opponents get low enough, a 2 mana burn for 6 life. And you've got a lot more than draw 2 spells.

How to Play

Ideally, you can spend the first couple of turns ramping and getting one of the protection equipment out. Sheoldred will certainly be an unpopular commander. But once she is sticking around, ideally you draw or tutor Lich's Mastery, draw your entire deck and either draw a card or gain a life in some way with at least 1 mana left to turn on rain of filth into Skirge Familiar for essentially infinite mana. Then you can use any of your game-ending drain effects.

Do not play Sheoldred + Lich's Mastery without at least 1 mana, ideally a few so you can scope out for counters. If you do though, pray for a lack of mass enchantment removal and you should win on your following turn.

If you get any of the Sanguine Bond effects out before the Lich combo, that should kill most, if not all opponents on the spot, depending on which effect you have.

If you don't have the dream play of Lich's Mastery, you have a number of sweepers, No Mercy, and token generators to ward off the terrifying boards your opponents are making with their boosted card draw effects, and you've got single target removal for singular threats.

I think this probably is a power level 7-8, but it doesn't play fast-mana outside of Sol Ring, so I think it falls short of actual cEDH. I'm working on proxying to playtest since I only have between $200 and $300 of the deck value in paper right now.

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