by SkullclampMTG on 10 September 2020

Mana Curve

Mana Symbol Occurrence

Type breakdown

Aether Vial4x Aether VialArtifact$136.00$191.32$2,611.32
Knight of Autumn3x Knight of AutumnCreature — Dryad Knight$0.75$5.25$1,958.49
Acclaimed Contender3x Acclaimed ContenderCreature — Human Knight$0.27$1.23$14.97
Blacklance Paragon4x Blacklance ParagonCreature — Human Knight$0.36$1.68$19.96
Knight Exemplar4x Knight ExemplarCreature — Human Knight$26.00$40.60$116.84
Venerable Knight2x Venerable KnightCreature — Human Knight$0.02$0.50$10.08
Worthy Knight2x Worthy KnightCreature — Human Knight$0.44$1.10$1,999.98
Smitten Swordmaster // Curry Favor4x Smitten Swordmaster // Curry ..Creature — Human Knight // Sorcery — Adventure // $0.00$0.00$0.00
Knight of the Ebon Legion4x Knight of the Ebon LegionCreature — Vampire Knight$3.52$7.56$59.96
Murderous Rider // Swift End4x Murderous Rider // Swift EndCreature — Zombie Knight // Instant — Adventure // $0.00$0.00$0.00
Collected Company12x Collected CompanyInstant$179.88$233.40$435.48
Snow-Covered Swamp1x Snow-Covered SwampBasic Snow Land — Swamp$0.70$1.60$652.83
Cavern of Souls4x Cavern of SoulsLand$315.96$399.88$699.52
Concealed Courtyard4x Concealed CourtyardLand$11.96$19.92$49,380.00
Silent Clearing4x Silent ClearingLand$36.00$55.88$133.84