Infinite, sh*tty O-Ring Combo

by Snodig on 03 May 2017

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Deck Description

This deck is built around the fact that Oblivion Ring has the potential to infinitly exile other oblivion rings as long as you can find three copies of it.

Instead of cantrips I wanted to use planewalkers that never see play for draw, and I also dont play shocklands. This is based on cards I have, so cantrips and shocks may improve consistency.

Feedback is appreciated.

How to Play

Should be fairly easy to understand.

1. Have Ajani's Chosen or Altar of the Brood in play.
2. Play Oblivion Ring, exiling whatever.
3. Play Oblivion Ring (or copy it), exiling the first Oblivion Ring.
4. Play Oblivion Ring (or copy it), exiling the second Oblivion Ring, thus returning the first Oblivion Ring which then exile the second and so on.
5. Either beat down with tokens from Ajani's Chosen or mill them out with Altar of the Brood.

The challenge is mainly finding the first Oblivion Ring before dying, as you can't make copies of it with Clever Impersonator or Copy Enchantment without having an actual Oblivion Ring on board.
Also, Reality Acid can remove all of the opponent's lands if you get to the point of having four Oblivion Rings avalible.

Just don't go and exile a Reclamation Sage or some other ETB disruptor with the first Oblivion Ring.

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