Modern Boros Burn Project

by SuperMegaPanda on 19 May 2020

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This is the fully competitive version of my current modern burn deck that desperately needs an upgrade, and I plan to do just that in due time. I've been thinking, once I get some serious money to put into this game, I might go pro modern. I already have the Swiftspears, Searing Blazes, Skullcracks, Lightning Bolts, and Lava Spikes, but need just about everything else.

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Deck discussion for Modern Boros Burn Project

The funny thing with deckdesigns is that they evolve pretty slow sometimes, so once you put money in a stable like burn it's safe money.

But once you dedicate yourself like that, you become "that guy with the burn deck" and people will start adapting through lifegain.
To defeat that you have two options.

1: knowing the long past of the deck and how it solved beating the adaptations in the past. This takes a lot of memorisation but will make you the go to guy for other burn players, which gives you a positioning on cheap trading with those involved. If you become a good trader you will know to buy of burn from those giving it up, then sell it high when burn is popular. People will notice that you do this, but will have no other choices so you earn back your tournament losses over time.

2: having a second stable deck. Switch between the two decks. When people adapt to the first switch to the second.
If you become "the guy with the affinity deck" as well and learn its deep past you become the guy to go to on that deck as well, which over time will make you an even more solid trader.

3: you do this with as many stable decks as possible and you automatically become a pro.
Knowing all the stables well will one day make you see the moves of the meta so you will know exactly what to play, and know exactly when people wants to sell.

4: never sell any of your stable cards, not even those that others cut from their decks. Everything will return over time. This game is basically a rock, scissors and paper game with skins to make people buy that new rock or that glittering paper.

5: keep track of your finances and you will be able to buy travels to the larger tournaments where you can start buying/selling. Be aware that bigger tournaments take longer and will exhaust the mind. Drink, eat brain food, go to the bathroom frequently. Participate only in the main event then trade to your hearts desires.

Posted Thursday at 03:01


Oh, thank you so much. I definitely needed some advice for going pro, because to be honest, I had almost no idea. So what I'm thinking about eventually doing now is like you said, build a second deck so I become less predictable and marketing goes up and everything you said, (I'm thinking another semi-cheap deck for that so I don't break the bank entirely, like red deck wins or tron or something [red is my favorite color]) and I might also add some lifegain hate to this deck as well.

Posted Thursday at 16:10


About the eidolons.
They are usually only good for closure and against combo.
If combo is frequently met, then sure, 4 in main, if combo is less met, 3 in main, one in board. When combo is rare 2 in main, 2 in board
Keep paperlists on rules like this and it becomes easy to remember the past adaptations.

Posted Thursday at 03:15


Now that you say that, I think I'm gonna board one of the Eidolons because there are still a plethora of combo decks in modern, but there is also currently a lot of aggro.

Posted Thursday at 14:01


Aggro is always present. Especially at large tournaments.
The easier it is to play, the more it wins.

Posted Thursday at 22:34


Given that combo decks only make up about 25% of the current meta, I'm actually going to sideboard 2 of them and mainboard Angel's Grace because it really can change the course of the game in seconds.

Posted Friday at 00:44


Currently modern nexus writer David ernenwine shows that burn is in retreat and speculates that prowress is the cause, so you might want to compensate there as well. Angel's grace might be just the thing for that.

How frequent is chalice of the Void?

Posted Friday at 01:08


I'm not sure I understand the question... but I do know that Chalice of the Void is almost nonexistent in burn currently, which would make it that much more unpredictable. However, it is really expensive, and a playset is about $100 used, so that's a little cause for concern, as well as having to replace something currently in the deck with it, and the moderately high mana cost for real use. All I'm saying is I'm not so sure how effective it would be. About Angel's Grace, however, I might add a couple more to the deck just for that cause, and because it's a fantastic card, maybe replacing the Rift Bolts. What do you think?

Posted Friday at 02:41


It was more like how frequent you encounter it :)
Burn tends to be vulnerable against it.
If chalice is widespread to fight of both burn and prowress you might still need some eidolons to split your costs into two, and should play 4 rift bolt.

Wear//tear can only fight a chalice 2 when they are spliced.

Ingot chewer might be a more resistant pick.

Posted Friday at 03:10


Oh my word, I had no idea what you were asking, but now that I do, I think that the only decks that play it consistently are tron decks so they can counter the moderate to high CMC wincons of other decks, and while tron is pretty high up on the popularity list, it isn't the highest. As far as Ingot Chewer, I think it's honestly a good idea and an unexpected twist for my opponents. Since artifacts make up significantly more of the meta than enchantments do, it might be a better option, also for the Chalice counter idea. For the extra Rift Bolt to add, what should I take out for it?

Posted Friday at 03:46


1 land. Inspiring vantage, If you look at lots of decklists in burn you will find lots of 1stplaces with 18 lands and a lot of fetch among them.

Posted Friday at 10:53


I've also seen that boogles and infect are still active.
With burn, prowress, boggles and infect around I guess spellskite must be around as well.

If it is, you beat it by having about half of your burn target a player.

I don't think skewer the critics help anything but swiftspear, so if you meet spellskite often you can perhaps find another card to replace it. Maybe 4 helix, 4 searing and 4 skull crack.

4 kor firewalker is also a bit over the edge.

Like I said in the long advice, start to study the past to beat the future.
At the moment with burn on it's way down you can probably get some old burn tech for cheap.

Just hang on with it,

And good idea with infect, just be aware of the cards that those both decks, like chalice and spellskite.
Magic is a cyclic game, so your deck choice must be one that's in when the other is out.

I can suggest you start reading up on stuff in

Posted Friday at 11:04


Got it. I feel like Skewer the Critics is like a slightly slower Lightning Bolt, which remains the most efficient burn spell in the game, and it has a CMC of 3 so it's a decent counter to a Chalice, but I could be wrong. I took out a Firewalker and added a Chewer for a little more protection from the Chalices and some Spellskite removal as well. For the mainboard otherwise, I'm just wondering if I should add any more Angel's Grace or if just one is okay.

Posted Friday at 15:14


Also, what are your thoughts on Ash Zealot for flashback hate?

Posted Friday at 16:27


Ash is brilliant against dredge, and probably some other odd decks.
I'm not so updated on how those decks a faring, but decks like loam and reanimated will be nice to have something against. It's a very fast attacker, and anyone blocking it with something big will likely see their blocker go down to first strike and burn. The same thing counts if anyone goes aggro on you.

I thought skewer the critics only targeted creatures, so it is actually a good card.

One angel should be enough, since you do have lifegain in the sb.

17 lands too little.

When I evaluate numbers I usually keep to this "kode"
4 of it's a key card you always want to play.
3 if you want the card on the opening hand but don't want it late game. 2 if it's hatred, 1 if you want to try out the card in the deck. 0 if you hated it in your deck.

In the end your deck must fit your play style.
The best you can do is to play and play until it sits in your spine.

Posted Saturday at 00:15


Can do. I was drawing sample hands on the site, and I was noticing a lot of land draw, so that's why I decided to remove an extra land. But if you feel like it won't be consistent enough, I can add it again.

Posted Saturday at 00:30


To tell you the truth I once had a deck with 16 lands (no fetch) which had 12 cards costing 2 and about 6 costing 3.
But in a live meta you usually have to expect that they will destroy some of your lands. Most have field of ruin to earth tronlands or valakut, and you have to expect that they will try to cut you of from using white.

Path should be 3 in sb. It's technically part of your grave hate.

An advice I often give is to cover as many aspects you can with as few cards as you can.

For example, you have 4 mishra's bauble in the main board, their function is to draw cards.
You have 2 tormod's Crypt in the sb function to hate graves. Why not strike both ways with relic of progenitus?

Posted Saturday at 00:47


I like the sb made by zoson.
2 for firewalker
3 path
1 searing blaze
2 searing blood
2 skull
3 smash to smithereens
2 rest in peace

The build you started out with, looked a lot like his as well.

Another user to keep track of might be pilniczek and sage92
Both play other colors, but the differences are important.

I remember that one way to fight chalice in the past was with a single dismember. The two of you haven't gotten black in the deck and may have forgotten how dismember stops a 5/5. You may lose 4 life in the process, but you keep the card advantage.

With only 2 colors you don't need so many fetchlands as the old Rgw version.

Posted Saturday at 01:25


Okay, I've been taking a closer look at the meta
Rdw is dominant, so you could actually reverse engineer the problem by making kor firewalker and path to exile mainboard. Theres also a huge number of boros decks so if you have access to auriok champion you will be able to crack two stones with one.

You also need to deal with tron, eldrazi and valakut, and in ancient modern, this was done with molten rain. These days you can do it with pillage. 3 of these in the sb will work wonders.

Posted yesterday at 04:27


I get all that, but my main concern is what would I replace with these cards? I feel like all the cards I currently have in the deck are pretty good, so I'm just wondering what I should take out to make room for those.

Posted 1 hours ago


That's true.

The most pressing issue is rdw, so you should compare your deck to theirs,
Where would you be strongest.

Most of their designs are prowress and I think that's where you yourself are heading.
The difference here is that they rely more on creatures, and have cut burn to add those.
Your best option is to remove burn yourself to make room for kor firewalker and path.
You best option there might be to skip on the burn that works around chalice, moving some rift bolt and skewer to the sideboard. I also think you should keep the eidolons at 4.

Ingot chewer could become pillage, so that you can remove lands. Against valakut you don't actually take out valakut, but you take out a land to set them back 1 more turn to burn. Eldrazi temple is the pick against eldrazi. Against tron you take out an urza or whatever they have fewest of

Posted an hour ago