RG Devour Deck

by SuperMegaPanda on 13 February 2018

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Deck Description

This deck was inspired by the Planechase Devour deck, and, like it, is built around being able to create weak tokens and make very large creatures for not that much mana.

How to Play

This deck is built to create as many weak tokens as possible to be able to use them for the Devour of every creature in the deck, such as Thromok. Let’s say you use Fungal Sprouting while you have a Dragonlair Spider on the battlefield, then have a Thromok in your hand and enough lands to play him. Boom, it’s a 25/25. Then cast Fists of Ironwood to give him trample on the next turn, and have some fun. Then, if that doesn’t work out, use another Fungal Sprouting and play another Thromok, then multiply 25 by itself, which is 625, then use another Fists of Ironwood. Suck it!

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  • Devour
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  • Fun
  • Budget
  • Red Green

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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