by swordstool on 14 February 2017

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Deck Description

An all-in Standard Mill deck. Please make suggestions/recommendations. Four [[Startled Awake]] and 3 [[Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger]] are my implements to Mill with. I anticipate Ulamog entering the battlefield via [[Rise From The Grave]] rather than via casting. Obviously I could use Rise on an opponent's creature too. Creature removal via 3 [[Murder]], 4 [[Collective Brutality]], 4 [[Yahenni's Expertise]], and 4 [[Dead Weight]]. Finally, 3 [[Diabolic Tutor]] should help get what I need if I don't draw it, and [[Oath of Jace]], [[Collective Brutality]], and [[Catalog]] will help me get Ulamog into my graveyard (among other things those cards do).

I know about [[Manic Scribe]], he's in my Maybe Board, but the chances of getting Delirium seem low given the high number of Sorcery and Land cards out of the 60 total cards. The Delirium angle may just be for a different deck. Also not looking to go the Clue-Mill route.

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