R/U Standard

by That_Time_of_the_Game on 04 October 2011

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I built this deck after opening a box of innistrad. Not quite sure how it will work yet but hoping for the best.

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Deck discussion for R/U Standard

I love the Charmbreaker devils. But I think the best way to feature them in a deck is with fewer sorcs/instants, as unusual as that seems. This way, your options for which card comes back to your hand are more limited. Do you really want to repeat your geistflame or infernal plunge?

Posted 04 October 2011 at 16:41


Well the geistflame I must say has been my downfall before... but you're right about the infernal plunge.

Posted 04 October 2011 at 23:18


Was randomly looking for a deck using the blue zombies in a U/R deck composition and stumbled upon this. I really like the concept you've got going on here and it seems to flow rather smoothly. I would recommend Increasing Vengeance over Reverberate simply for the ability to reuse it (but it does increase the deck cost) and possibly testing out Faithless Looting over Desperate Ravings (you lose card advantage but gain the choice of what to discard.) Skaab Ruinator is ridiculously powerful and annoyingly hard to get rid of. I would recommend reconsidering Charmbreaker Devils (they really shine in flashback decks somethin' fierce, but not as much in a creature-based deck.) Instead of the Devils perhaps consider Curse of Bloodletting. That way your Ruinators/Delvers can fly over the opposition for twice the pain, your volley hits with twice the punch, your fireslinger pokes both eyes instead of just one, etc.

Just some suggestions to consider. The deck is pretty solid as-is and looks like it can be fun to play, nice job!

Posted 27 February 2012 at 17:46