Pauper Elf Warrior Tribal

by the7thDOF on 25 August 2016

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Deck Description

This deck is based around Winnower Patrol. It requires a high proportion of Elf or Warrior type creatures to automatically put counters on Winnower Patrol. Having a creature heavy deck benefits Elvish Vanguard, Ivy Lane Denizen and Lys Alanna Huntmaster. In my opinion is a fast deck that sustains itself through the mid game thanks to autofuel of the key creatures. Skarrgan Pit-Skulk is not an Elf, but his ability is very powerful when it gains a couple of counters or more.
The addition of more Rancors would be nice, but I want to keep the bugdet low, and the deck works pretty well with 2.
The deck needs a fast start, that's why I chose to stick to only one color, but it naturally lacks some kind of removal in case there opponent plays a creature that could break your tempo.

How to Play

The one-drops are quite good for the early damage that would make the Skarrgan Pit-Skulk enter the battlefield with a counter. Thus, I can keep one land hands if the one drops are fine.
The Wirewood Herald is a good chump blocker, so when he dies, you can look for one of the key creatures, depending on your hand or which creatures are on the battlefield. This flexibility is priceless.
Use the Sylvan Ranger to look for the extra land if necessary to ramp for the greater creatures that will begin the constant flow of +1/+1 counters.
The combination of the 3 big creatures of the deck is amazing: whenever you play an Elf spell, you can put a green Elf token from Lys Alanna Huntmaster, so Elvish Vangard gets +1/+1 and Ivy Lane Denyzen gives another counter. If the spell is a creature, these effects are doubled. So, in that escenario, for each Elf creature you play, you would get +5/+5 in addition to the power of the casted creature.

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