Tap/untap infinite combo T4

by the7thDOF on 11 December 2015

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Deck Description

This is a Pauper deck inspired by Nettle drone and built around it, but you can win without it. It is very cheap to adquire and the combos for the win are easy to do.
In modern, only the untap ability of the nettle drone is used, but un this deck you can use both of its abilities, obtaining its full potential.
I didn't put too much effort on the sidedeck because the combo is optimized like it is.
It may have problems versus burn and hard removal, so you may want to add some protection for your creatures.

How to Play

There are several card combinations that give the win. I'll refer to Banishing Knack and Retraction Helix as Returns, to Furious Assault and Impact Tremors as Enchantments, to Nettle Drone and Mirran Spy as Untapping creatures, and to Shield Sphere, Phyrexian Walker and Ornithopter as Artifacts.

Combo1: one Artifact + one Return + 2xNettle drone (win at turn 5)
Put both Nettle Drones and one Artifact in the battlefield, tap one for the damage, play a Return instant on the other Nettle Drone and tap it to recover the Artifact, then play the Artifact again. Repeat.

Combo2: one Artifact + one Return + 2 different Untapping Creatures (win at turn 5)
Put the Artifact, the Nettle Drone and the Mirran Spy on the battlefield. Tap the Nettle Drone for the damage, play the Return on the Mirran Spy, and tap the Mirran Spy for recovering the Artifact. Play the Artifact again for the untap. Repeat.

Combo3: one Artifact + one Return + one Enchantment + one Untapping creatures (win at turn 4)
Put the Artifact, the Untapping Creature and the Enchantment on the battlefield. Play the Return on the Untapping Creature and recover the Artifact, then play the Artifact and the Untapping Creature will untap and the Enchantment will deal 1 damage. Repeat.

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