Golgari Gitrog (white splash)

by Thesoccerstop on 11 December 2016

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Deck Description

Synergistic deck built around The Gitrog Monster. Gitrog pumps your creatures and turns the mid game chumps to late game champs, while also providing explosive draws with synergy from grapple of the past, drownyard temple, and groundskeeper.

How to Play

.:: Golgari Gitrog ::.

I. Removal Package -> Grasp of Darkness, Murder, and Transgress the Mind.
II. Delirium Enablers -> Vessel of Nascency, Grapple with the Past, and Traverse the Ulvenwald
III. Synergies
1. The Gitrog Monster
a. Gitrog, Groundskeeper, and Drownyard temple allow you to feed the gitrog each
b. Gitrog's extra land ability allows you to pump your Sylvan Advocates faster,
spawn more clues from Tireless Tracker, and pump up your Undergrowth
Champion, as well as beefing up your Hyrda.
c. Gitrog provides explosive draws when paired with grapple of the past (Rog on
board), his own sacrificing ability (reoccurring with groundskeep and drownyard)
2. Nissa's Renewal
a. Gains 7 life, with 3 lands entering; triggers with retreat, tireless, undergrowth,
and hydra. Total gain 13 life, or can gain extra 2 life and give counters to
undergrowth champ for more blocking, or just pump up other creatures.
b. Good life stabilizer mid to late game
3. Groundskeeper
a. As well as feeding Gitrog, it also fuels clues to draw and pump Tracker. Also
pumps Hydra. Pumps Undergrowth as well (Undergrowth + retreat = 2 counters)
b. Triggers Retreat providing last minute counters in combat or scraping for life to
buy an extra turn.
4. Evolving Wilds
a. Provides 2 ETB triggers for Tireless, Hydra, Undergrowth. (2 clues = 2 draws + 2
counters on Tracker); 2 counters on Undergrowth & Hydra.
5. Deathcap Cultivator
a. Helps ramp into Gitrog & Hydra, and Ishkanah(Turn 4 Gitrog & Turn 5 Ishkanah)

- Goal of the deck -
The aim of this deck is to stall the late game with early removal, as well as Tireless
Trackers and Sylvan advocates. You want achieve 5 mana as fast as possible to play
Gitrog, curving into a delirium Ishkanah. In the early game you should be playing
Traverse, and grapples along with cracking Vessels to help fuel delirium turning on
Ishkanah and giving deathcap cultivator deathtouch making him a good blocker
mid to late game. Your win conditions are going to be from pumping up your
Tireless Trackers, Undergrowth Champs, Hydras, and as well as beating with Gitrog.

This is an updated list from a list I was playtesting with. From my results (of the old list) this deck is fairly slow until turn 5. It has a bad match up against any deck with flying (r/w vehicles), this is why plummet is in the sideboard. I have not tested against a control deck yet so I was making assumptions for that matchup in the sideboard - Add in Transgress 1- 2 Transgress, add in an amount of Pick the Brain, the Lost Legacy.

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