Pauper UB Teachings

by TheSwarmer on 22 December 2016

Main Deck (60 cards)

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Deck Description

Well, this is my take on one of the grindiest decks of the format, so grindy in fact that it often runs 0 creatures and wins with tome or justice.

I have given it my own spin of course, not that there is ever going to be one best way to build a toolbox deck.

First of all, 0 creatures in the maindeck. This is both an amazing strategic move and imo also the best way to build the deck. The benefit is that your opponent will have a ton of dead cards in the first game, and in the second you'll just board in 3 anglers and yell GOTCHA!

The removal is a reflection of my meta, Hexproof is abundant, so is monarchy, so is delver. I also like to play Think Twice instead of Accumulated Knowledge when in a tournament, due to everyone knowing I will play something that will make at least 2 SB spots worth dedicating to GY hate.

How to Play

You just grind them out! Unless they are playing TE, in that case you hope you'll have a counterspell for every Tortured Existence and well, you might not, and you'll die...

In general though, you just play not to lose until you get a tome or a double-talisman-evincar going. From this point, you are winning just about all the time as you have all the asnwers all the time thanks to Mystical Teachings

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